PS4 DNS NW-31250-1 error, cannot play online

It looks like some PS4 owners are experiencing problems with their console after updating to the recent PS4 1.71 update. Specifically, it looks like a PS4 DNS NW-31250-1 error code is occurring, creating an outcry of users who state that they cannot play PS4 online today.

As far as we’re aware, this doesn’t appear to be a widespread problem at the moment. Some gamers have told us that they have tried to install some games and during download they have received a PS4 DNS failure at a certain point – resulting in “a DNS error has occurred” NW-31250-1 message as you see above.

One immediate PS4 DNS fix that you may want to try, is completely turning off the PS4 console, restart router and then try again – this has worked for some. Digging deeper, others have even tried to set manual PS4 DNS addresses to fix it that way.

We haven’t heard from Sony regarding this issue, but we have a feeling that a statement will be released if the problem becomes severe. It does look that the PS4 1.71 update is specifically causing this problem though.

As we await more information, let us know your PS4 status at the moment. Have you seen this error pop up on your own console after installing the PS4 1.71 firmware or not? We will update you once we hear from Sony regarding this.



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