Fallout 4 E3 slot denied by Hines

By Alan Ng - Jun 5, 2014

The E3 2014 countdown is now on and since we are just around the corner from the big event happening, some fans are still holding on to the hope that we will see a Fallout 4 release date announced by Bethesda on stage.

Unfortunately though, we can tell you again that it won’t be happening. Pete Hines has just confirmed on his Twitter that the E3 slot that Bethesda has planned for the event won’t be Fallout 4.

The game that Bethesda is planning to unveil is Battlecry, a 32-player online team action game in development from the newly formed Battlecry Studios. We have included the Battlecry debut trailer below which will give you a heads-up on what to expect ahead of the full reveal at E3.

With a Fallout 4 announcement not expected at E3, the next possible event to look forward to is the Spike VGX awards. This was the same event in which Bethesda first unveiled Skyrim to the world so it wouldn’t be surprising if they use the same event to announce Fallout 4 at last.

We miss the real E3 surprises though that nobody would expect to see. It seems like every year on the eve of E3 all of the big announcements are spoiled by premature leaks. How amazing would it be if we did see Fallout 4 at E3 by surprise.

The Tweet is from Pete Hines for all to see though – no Fallout 3 at E3 at this stage. Let us know your thoughts if you are a Fallout fan and if you are starting to lose hope on seeing the game released in the near future.

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  • Sherie Bartley Hounsell

    I was glued to all the news out of last years E3. Saddened I pinned my hopes on VGX, then again on PAX. Finally sure I have been eagerly awaiting E314. Now this ….. at this point I feel betrayed. I will not be picking up FO4 whenever/if ever it does release. I will wait and grab a pre-owned copy. Bethesda will not get my money.

    • BombTech73

      I NEVER comment on these but I cant take this BS anymore.
      If its not ready, its not ready. If you were a real fan you would want the studio to take their time and put out an awesome game. Instead you are just throwing a hissy fit like a spoiled child. Go ahead and “take your ball and go home” just because Bethesda isn’t working on YOUR schedule. The real fans are cheering Bethesda on to make another bad ass game! So for the love of God go play Candy Crush like the rest of the sheep!! let Pete Hines do his job and Todd Howard and his team work in peace.

  • Ryan Sanderson

    Are you sure that this just isn’t a lie? I mean it’s not on his Twitter, and yesterday, he retweeted a picture about ‘Where Americans planned to spend the nuclear holocaust’, so maybe, just maybe, this article is wrong, and Fallout 4 is actually getting revealed this year?

    • Branden

      Ryan you need to click “Tweets and replies” on Hines twitter profile, DCDeacon, and you will see the tweet still there made on June 3. I want Fallout 4 as well, but in this case the article is correct and you are wrong.

      • FalloutBoy

        I think you are right…unfortunately.