Cartoon HD is closed

By Alan Ng - Jun 5, 2014

The Cartoon HD app is closed, this is the message appearing on Twitter channel for GappCenter and answers the millions of people searching to find out what happened to Cartoon HD after it went down yesterday with the website.

Gapp Center’s Twitter account shared the tweet seen below just a few minutes ago in a response to Cartoon HD not working on Android, iPad, or iPhone devices anymore although some people managed to get the application working by changing the date back a few days. This allowed certain movies to be streamed for free, but not all of them.

Now you know why Cartoon HD is not working it is time to look for an alternative or start to pay for movies, which is a choice we will leave up to you. This news will at least give some comfort to those wondering if the service has been taken down, although no other reason was given but there’s every chance it was due to legal reasons.

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  • Mano

    The app is not dead just underground. As ppl have said roll back your date to say a year ago.(you need to also restart the app not just reopen it for the fix to work…for some that may not know how to do this may need to restart their entire device instead) The app will still say that it is gone for good if you select categories. However, if you use the search option and type in names it will bring up movies/episodes and such…downside is that you have to know general terms and phrases now.

    • -John cena-


  • Azeen Zare

    Why has cartoon hd gonge everyone loved it and now I wanted to watch non stop then suddenly I couldn’t watch is and cartoon hd is my dream can u at least do it agien I’m really upset about it 🙁