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Cartoon HD app alternative on kill list

If you are wondering “is Cartoon HD app down today”, the answer is yes. We told you hours ago that a Cartoon HD outage was underway, with users fearing that their days of receiving free media content were up.

Now it looks like Cartoon HD is down permanently and will not be back up anytime soon. Hours ago, a Cartoon HD alternative appeared to offer a quick fix, but at the time of writing it looks like a kill list is underway.

The app known as HD Cartoon is down too and at this point it looks like a crack down may be in progress to remove access to all copyrighted content via apps.

Cartoon HD was a significant offender, with thousands of consumers happy to admit that it was just too good to be true and too easy to download Cartoon HD and start using.

For now, there is no Cartoon HD app replacement in sight and similar apps to Cartoon HD may be hard to find. We have a feeling that a statement may be released as Cartoon HD just disappeared without prior notice.

Are you still looking for a Cartoon HD app alternative? Let us know how you feel about the closure and whether you are now at the stage where you think that it was a good ride while it lasted.

Update: We can now confirm Cartoon HD is now closed for good.



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