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Xbox One system update solves Gold problem

Just moments ago we tried to install Halo: Spartan Assault on Xbox One but found the game installation stopped at 99 percent with an error message explaining just this, although you are helped by the text contained within that error message.

We touched on the free Xbox One Games for Gold problems earlier today and just published some details on the “installation stopped” error with a code “0x87de07dc“. Gamers took to Twitter complaining about the problems before some of them even read the message, which in itself explained how to fix this issue.

Xbox One system update solves Gold problem – the Halo: Spartan Assault along with another title free within Xbox Games for Gold will not install without a 296MB Xbox One update that’s live right now. This is the reason the installation stopped and required the software update to Xbox One.


When you click the installation stopped message it explains “you need an update for this”, then asks Xbox One users to check their Settings menu followed by System. Once you check for an update you will notice that a new Xbox One update is live today.

All you need to do now to fix the Spartan Assault install problem is update your system software, after this you will find the game is already installed and ready to play without anything else needing to be done.



Xbox One game Installation Stopped today

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