Xbox One game Installation Stopped today

By Alan Ng - Jun 4, 2014

Earlier on today, we told you about the Xbox One Games with Gold update which offered Max and Halo Spartan for free. Users were having problems though resulting in an Xbox One error code of 0x87de07dc and now we have found some additional problems with this situation.

It’s now become apparent that the Xbox One game installation is stopping at 99% with our image above confirming that these two games are causing the game installation to stop completely.

Everytime we tried to download the new Games with Gold update, the same problem happened again, resulting in the same Xbox One game installation error as you can see above.

Xbox Support are working on the issue as we speak and one possible reason that we can see is that an Xbox One update may be needed to make the free Games with Gold games compatible with Xbox One consoles again.

For now though, this problem is ongoing and there is no instant fix. Let us know if you have received the same game error and if you have managed to solve the problem yourself.

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  • Keith

    I have 5 games in the queue waiting to update (including the two new games for gold downloads) and ALL FIVE games stop at “99%” and then give an “Installation stopped” error.

  • Henry Smith

    Mine still doesn’t work

  • jessem94

    Go To Settings > System > Update Console then it should work 🙂

    • Brady

      Thank you I’m doing the update right now. Hopefully it does work. If it works for me I will post another comment saying if it does work or not.

      • Brady

        I just finished the update and it worked thank you 🙂