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Spelling Bee 2014 app after kabaragoya

Those of you who enjoy spelling challenges may have been keeping a close eye on the exciting Scripps National Spelling Bee competition. The final has now concluded, ending up with joint champions for the first time since 1962.

It’s not the only memorable moment from this year’s competition though. Those who tuned in may have witnessed the moment when Jacob Williamson sparked a viral frenzy on social media, by celebrating early after being very confident on a particular word.

That word was Kabaragoya, but Williamson spelled the word beginning with a ‘C’ and social media has been exploding ever since. We have included both videos below showing the climax of the actual champions being crowned, but also the embarrassing moment with Williamson.

Now though, we offer up two apps for the Spelling Bee wannabes out there who fancy themselves as spelling champions. You can try out these apps on both Android and iOS allowing you to test your knowledge and spelling level right from the comfort of your mobile device or tablet.

Android users can simply try out Spelling Bee which is a free download, while SpellDown Spelling Bee for iPhone is one of the best spelling apps available – although it costs $1.99 to download so think about it.

Let us know if you watched the 2014 Scripps National Spelling Bee competition and if you think you are personally at that level yourself.

Do you think you could have spelled ‘Kabaragoya’ correctly?



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