PS4 1.72 update for DLNA, Custom theme odds

By Alan Ng - Jun 4, 2014

As we told you yesterday, the PS4 1.71 update is live and it is only a minor update for your console. Most of you will have downloaded the update automatically with the automatic download feature, but now we look ahead to what Sony needs to add for the next PS4 1.72 update release.

While the PS4 software is an ongoing work in progress, it has to be said that Sony are taking their time on providing some of the more basic features that the PS3 already has, but are still yet to arrive on PS4.

These include MP3 support, 3D Blu-Ray support, DLNA support, audio CD playback and much more. That’s just off the top of our heads, we’re sure you have plenty of other PS4 1.72 features that you need to see that are already available on PS3.

Another very basic feature that is still eluding the PS4 – custom themes. For some reason, this is taking longer than expected. We would love to put a custom PS4 wallpaper to give some color to the PS4 UI but Sony has yet to provide this.

We understand that these updates take time, but then again it is not difficult for Sony to provide a simple update on their blog with a timeline on when these basic updates will be available.

Our thoughts have been echoed on social media, with many other PS4 users desperate to see these updates in the future. Have a look at a few examples that we have picked out below to give you an idea:

We also see that there is still no PS4 native YouTube app. Right now, you can use the TV optimized app on PS4 which works great with a mobile device for syncing, but it’s not a specialized version of YouTube for PS4 with its own app icon.

Again, these are all basic requests from the community, so let’s hope that the PS4 1.72 firmware can bring some of these features as obviously we won’t be getting all of these straight away.

How do you feel about your console feature list so far? Do you agree that Sony needs to communicate a little better on when they intend to add these very basic features to the PS4, considering that the PS3 already has them?

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  • devilmaycry0917

    poor effort
    make it able to pause download $ony!!!!

  • Sdjjdj

    lol I’m still waiting till 2015 to jump in the next-gen, Its funny how the Xbox One has all these thing and PS4 does not. Looks like Xbox One is in my favor.

  • Tim Rogers

    In a few ways I am pissed off with Sony not putting in MP3 en DLNA support Onto the ps4 after along time playing the one game I like to kick back and watch a movie off my hdd ( I have converted all my DVDs and blue rays onto my hdd then I sold All of my DVDs and blue rays thinking that Sony would have done the DLNA and MP3 support ages ago ) boy was I wrong and as much as I love playing my ps4 there’s not many AAA games out atm I no there working on them but still there’s not many and I think there’s way to many indie games and honestly I don’t care about indie games I’m not much of an indie gamer I would rather play a AAA game then an indie game that’s just my personal opinion but I still have faith in sony I no they will hopefully bring out all the updates and AAA games we want soon

    • Scott J C Wray

      Totally agree

  • Baelzar

    My PS4 is cold and dead without DLNA. No Youtube. No Twitch. Get with the program, Sony.

  • Canna4Life

    I am disappointed with Sony and the PS4. I have bought every PS since the start, and have always been satisfied. The idea with getting the newest console is not to lose functionality, but to gain. This has been a major step backwards. Sony better get it together, and soon, or I am done with them. I can see from the numerous posts across the net that I am not the only one. DLNA, MP3, BD3D, the list goes on and on and on…..

  • MAfton

    if I knew ps4 doesn’t have dlan i would have bought Xbox one

  • Chris

    I am very disappointed that we haven’t received any information about dlna except for the repeated “we’re looking into it” statement over at the blog every time an update is mentioned or comes out. That feature turned into my most used feature on the ps3 and now that my ps4 is taking up the big television in the living room that the ps3 used to occupy it is something that is severely missing.

  • T3b0g0

    I’ve lost faith in Sony. I am passed the stage of pissed off. I’ve gone numb. We are 7 MONTHS in and still no basic functions and services. The fools in charge of Sony’s strategies are making all the wrong moves, and it will back fire, just like it did when Microsoft got greedy. Why do they force-feed us with nonsense applications and everything else that we don’t want???? Where do you pay top dollar for a premium gadget and beg for the most basic functions afterwards? What is the gaming world
    coming to?!

  • Sam

    These are good point & one other basic feature that bugs me is when you put a blu-ray disc in the PS3 it tells you the name of the movie or even a title picture is displayed but the PS4 has a very boring blu-ray disc message. Not a game changer but surely a simple feature which isn’t present.

  • Lewis Croombs

    This is why im selling mine and rebuying a ps3!

    • Josh101

      No you aren’t. You don’t own a PS4. Created an account to simply troll.

    • TheKlot

      Anyone who owns a PS4 and had a PS3, never sold their PS3. I can afford to have both and I intend to keep both. With XBOX’s recent OS update allowing people to download free games like the PS+, PS I’m sure will come out with some killer updates next. They’re not going to blow their lead. This recent update was more of getting ducks in a row first.

    • Josh101


    • sdjjdj

      lol Exactly what I did I sold my PS4 rebought my PS3 and decided to go with the XBox One!!! Best decision ever!!!

  • David

    I feel really let down by Sony with the PS4. Many basic features which have been ever present on the PS3 aren’t available and PS Plus subscription is very poorly supported.

    • Herve Shango

      people shouldn’t give up easily it has only been 6-7 months in of ps4 life and obvs its very bad that sony are doing this can cause consumer to return or sell there ps4, which is really bad for sony/ good for you cause of the money lol. But please be abit more patient e3 is just around the corner.

      • David

        I’ve no intention of giving up on the PS4, I still have both the PS4 and the PS3 and continue to use both. However I do feel that Sony have made a massive error by not providing many of the useful functions that have been available on the PS3 since launch. I have also been a PS plus member since that was launched in the UK and whilst I have certainly had my monies worth to date from the many free games offered on the PS3 (and Vita which I also own) it would have been nice to have been offered at least one AAA title for the PS4 since it was launched 7 months ago instead of the indie games that have been offered none of which I have any interest.

        • Herve Shango

          very true

        • jonnylbluejeans

          I still have my PS4 and PS3 side by side because of DLNA. I “assumed” that Sony would crank out the missing features quickly, but I will never make this mistake again.

          Oh, and while a far secondary concern, I do echo the “indie” game gripe.