Cartoon HD app down, not working say users

By Alan Ng - Jun 5, 2014

It looks like some users have reported problems with the Cartoon HD app not working. This popular app has been used by thousands of users but this popular app may have finally met its end.

As you may remember, Cartoon HD app for iPhone, iPad and Android was an app that initially appeared for download on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store.

However, shortly after release, Apple removed the Cartoon HD install from the app store and users had to find an alternative method to find the app. This was a similar situation on Android, with the Cartoon HD app for Android harder to locate than on iPhone.

Users still found a way to get Cartoon HD app working though via GappCenter, but this week we are getting messages sent to us about the Cartoon HD app down today – with GappCenter down too with no apparent news on when it will be back up.

Obviously this app is a debatable one as it provides access to free content, but there’s no denying that it is one of the most popular social apps on iPhone and Android today.

As we await an official Cartoon HD status update, let us know if Cartoon HD is down for you today in your area. Have you been able to access the app or do you see a similar Cartoon HD error image as you see above?

Update June 5: Today, GappCenter confirmed Cartoon HD is closed.

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  • Xyzzy-123

    Try tune movie in safari

  • Bhavika

    I opened cartoon hd just now but it was working but when I opened my downloaded voides it was working so pls try my mail if u have downloaded some voides of cartoon hd!!!!!!

  • Chef Less

    Can’t believe that they closed down the App…!! Why does it always have to happen to the best of them. What am I gonna watch now( every night )!!!
    Is there another App on the same track?

  • Charliechalk

    I can open it but it says “Cartoon HD is closed forever!” Nooooooooo

  • Abz

    Cartoon hd is now saying upgrading !

  • R.I.P cartoon hd

    The reason we were getting “connection error” yesterday was due to the isp’s (Sky, Virgin e.t.c) getting a high court judgement to stop cartoon HD & similar sites from broadcasting! Turning the clocks back is simply bypassing however they are doing this & this only works on iOS & not android tablets. Gappcenter have gone & the app now says closed so looks like anyone still viewing on iOS will also loose the app in the near future! I’m guessing the football streaming sites will be next :o( ……….. Utter Barstewards.

  • Currently gutted

    The issue seems to have changed now. Connection is no longer showing as the issue. Adverts are showing but the app crashes when selecting a film group….. May be clutching at straws but maybe, just maybe it is on its Road to recovery?

  • Maddie

    It wasn’t working for me this morning but I changed the date to a week ago and it worked just now I changed it back and it seems to be working fine if it isn’t working for you try changing the date back a week earlier hope this helps

  • Tom

    Changed date and some (but not all) the content seems to be working ok thought the app is rather prone to crashing