Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth release date claim

By Alan Ng - Jun 4, 2014

We have a quick heads-up to those that are patiently waiting and excited about the upcoming Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC expansion. DICE are preparing another update for users with four new maps for everyone to get pumped up for.

Dragon’s Teeth is going to be well worth the wait, with Lumphini Garden, Pearl Market, Propaganda, Sunken Dragon on the way for gamers to get stuck into.

DICE hasn’t unveiled the official release date for everyone yet, but we have heard from one source who is willing to go on record anonymously by revealing the BF4 Dragon’s Teeth release date.

Obviously this isn’t official information from EA, but the guys over at BFMedic believe that the Dragons Teeth release date will be on Tuesday June 10.

We have seen other expansion packs arrive on Tuesday in the past and DICE did say that Dragon’s Teeth would be available early June for Season Pass members.

With five new Dragon’s Teeth weapons, the Ballistic Shield and the Battlefield 4 R.A.W.R to enjoy – it could end up being the best piece of add-on content for Battlefield 4 seen to date.

Remember that the date hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it could be a great early heads-up for you. Let us know if you have your Premium pass ready for when Dragon’s Teeth goes live.

Do you think June 10 could be an accurate date for the content or do you think it will arrive later?

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  • Cloudyr00m

    wrong on that one – your source was a fraud

  • john nixon

    E3 going down won’t release till after it’s over too much hard line on the go

  • Mattivious

    They usually have 2XP when DLC’s come out. 2XP is scheduled for 28 & 29 of June. With the DLC’s usually coming out on Tuesday my guess would be the 24th of June as the release date.

  • chris754

    They say it will come out during summer of 2014. June 10th is not summer to probs not, summer is not till the 21st

    • pinderpy

      Just because the “summer” dosent start until the 21st dosent mean it it won’t come out sooner

      • pinderpyderp

        Just because “the new year” doesn’t start until January 1, doesnt mean it wont come sooner……..

    • BF4 Fanatic

      Your to negative to be a Bf4 fan, get outta here !!

  • chynablac

    I hope it come out on the 10th can’t wait to play the new maps.

  • qazitam67

    Actually if you look at there release history, they usually release one week after the premium dogtags. That would make June 24th the most likely date if they follow the same pattern.

    • BF4 Fanatic

      Exactly, June 24th for ALL users, Which would be two weeks after June 10th the release for PREMIUM users 😉

  • Mike

    Along with what Mike said, it’s been a pattern with every DLC with the pre-DLC patches. Seems most believable at this point so hopefully it’s true.

  • Mike

    This morning, Wednesday June 4th, a patch was released by EA for Battlefield 4 that was a little over 1GB in size. Previous map packs have been preceded by a large patch like this one before their Tuesday releases lending more evidence to a June 10th release date. Other details such as the EA leak, and the coinciding Premium releases further substantiate the June 10th release.

    • john nixon

      E3 going down won’t release till after its over

  • farid

    Nah I think it will come out when the premium dog tags are out (16 june)

    • Richard Nixon

      Hopefully you are wrong.