Batman Arkham Knight delay expected

We have some disappointing news to bring to Batman Arkham Knight fans now, although we have to say that it was expected. Major releases seem to be following an industry pattern right now, as we can confirm that the highly anticipated Batman Arkham Knight release date has been delayed.

The dark knight was expected to appear again in October, but now the new Batman Arkham Knight release date on PS4, Xbox One and PC will happen sometime in 2015.

Developers Rocksteady have obviously apologized for the delay, saying that due to a ‘super ambitious project’ they need more time to make Batman Arkham Knight ‘the best possible experience’.

As we’ve heard from other developers with their games, Rocksteady has said that if they released in October as expected then they would be doing a ‘disservice’ to fans.

Considering that we see this with most game releases these days, the delay shouldn’t really be a surprise we feel. Obviously it would have been nice to play Rocksteady’s latest game this year after a gap between the release of Origins, but gamers will just have to wait.

With Rocksteady held in the highest regard though, gamers on PS4, Xbox One and PC can feel relaxed knowing that the delay will definitely ensure an even better game in 2015.

Are you honestly surprised about the delay? Give us your reaction to this and whether you are willing to wait until 2015 for Rocksteady.



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