PS Plus Vita June 2014 date for free games

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 3, 2014

The PlayStation Plus PS Vita June 2014 release date for free games will change permanently from July, thanks to confusion over what day of the month gamers of the handheld can download their free titles. The dates have been varied in the past, but from next month you’ll be able to get your PS Plus free Vita games on the first Tuesday of every month and Wednesday for Europe.

In May, we saw Limbo release around a week ago for PS Plus subscribers and that means the free Vita game came right at the end of the month, although in July you will see the freebies come on the first Tuesday to save confusion. One Product Reviews reader had this to say, “I never know when my free PlayStation Plus Vita games will release, it’s quite confusing compared to when the free PS4 games go live”.

PS Plus Vita games for June 2014 in the US vs. Europe – free titles this month for the United States on PS Vita include Terraria, Mutant Mudds Delux, and Sly Cooper: Thieves of Time is a cross-buy title. This means PS Plus members get Sly Cooper for free on PS3 and Vita in June.


There’s different UK/EU free PS Vita games via PS Plus, which include Dragon’s Crown and Surge Deluxe with both titles entering PS Plus on 4th June. You can see some gameplay for both these titles below this article.

Will you be happy to see free US PS Plus Vita games arrive on the first Tuesday of every month from July?

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  • The Full Metal Procrastinist

    Finally, a system that makes sense. Rather than a convoluted 31ish day cycle that didn’t account for Febuary or 30 day months.

  • Josh101

    I am playing Dragons Crown on PS Vita right now ha. This game has tons of weapons to unlock. I’m level 93 on one character, the elf and have 75 hours played. The levels go up to 255 after unlocking the harder difficulties. So, I’d imagine for me to get to 255, I’m going to play at the very least, 150 hours on one character. There are 5 other characters to play as well, Dwarf/Sorceress/Amazon/Wizard/Knight. It is worth paying for. To get it for free is a amazing deal. To those in the states, you need to check out this game.This game is awesome. Toukiden and Soul Sacrifice are must play titles as well.