PS Plus update release time in US, UK

By Alan Ng - Jun 3, 2014

It’s that time again for PS Plus members, as we are just hours away from the PS Plus June update. As we told you recently, Sony are giving away two games for free this month instead of one – as a replacement for the lack of yearly title since RESOGUN has now expired.

The two free games on offer for PS4 members are Trine: The Complete Story and Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate. PS3 users on the other hand are getting the best deal arguably as PS3 owners can download the excellent NBA 2k14 game, completely free of charge.

On top of everything, there will also be a wide range of discounts available on various titles, a full list of which you can check out via the PS Blog here.

As usual, Sony hasn’t given an exact release time on when the update will be available, but previous release trends suggests that the update will go live during the early hours Pacific Time and morning time for everyone in UK.

Trine is a beautiful game it has to be said, so even though there are some unhappy members out there who wanted something better, we still think it is a game that deserves to be played twice.

Are you waiting for the PS Plus June update to go live in your area? Let us know where you are and if you have seen the update yet.

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  • bigtrunks

    Games are live! But not in the IGC. You must search the game and there you can download it.

    • FaBzTheMan


  • beefbuns

    Sill nothing UK 16:40 This is really annoying now. Why cant Sony just give the UK a definitive time when we can download them. It’s not hard is it!

  • FaBzTheMan

    If you go on Playstation Website – explore – Playstation Plus – Instant game collection, it reveals the time left. For instance now (2:27) there is 9hrs 32mins left. I’m not sure whether it’s the time left for the old games to be removed or the new ones to be added…

  • darren henderson

    noooot liiive yeeeet for dam sake anyways just have to play watchdogs i guess

  • PalanquinJockey

    not live uk 2pm

  • Jas

    Not live at 11.42

  • Jas

    not live in uk yet