Frank Lampard new club for FIFA 15 after transfer

It is a very exciting week for potential FIFA 15 buyers, especially those that are keeping a close eye on the real-life transfer update news. We told you about David Villa and Rickie Lambert this week, but now the next player that is hitting the headlines is Frank Lampard, who is leaving Chelsea FC.

If you have been keeping up to date with this rumor, you may have heard that Frank Lampard may join New York City FC, the newly set up team that will be in MLS next season and the same team that has just signed David Villa as their first ever player.

The reality right now though, is that Frank Lampard won’t be on the FIFA 15 team sheet for Chelsea FC by default and that is going to be a very surprising outcome for Chelsea fans. Of course you can move Lampard back to Chelsea manually, but he is going to have a brand new card for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team which is interesting.

At the moment, Lampard has a 81 card on FIFA 14 and we are not expecting an upgrade for FIFA 15 – if anything a downgrade to an 80 card perhaps as he hasn’t exactly lit up the Premiership this season.

We also hear rumors that he may be a QPR player on FIFA 15, the team that has just been promoted to the Premiership after a play-off win against Derby.

Let us know your thoughts about the Frank Lampard transfer news if you are a FIFA player. What club do you think he will play for next season and what overall card should he have?



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