Cartoon HD app working in iOS 8

- Jun 5, 2014

The Cartoon HD app is working fine within iOS 8 beta 1 according to our developer contact, which they installed on their iPad mini and iPhone 5 running the first iOS 8 beta. You can see a screenshot of the Cartoon HD app next to the new Health app installed by default since the latest software update.

Cartoon HD is an app that was found on the App Store before Apple removed it, although users that didn’t remove the movie and cartoon video streaming application can still use it without any problems. There’s also updates still being given directly on a website named, although Gapp Center isn’t in the iTunes store anymore and lists version 2.2 as the last update on their website.


This is good news for those of you that installed the Cartoon app on iOS 7 and want to upgrade to iOS 8 later on this year when the public release date lands around September time.

Do you use Cartoon HD in iOS 7, will you upgrade to iOS 8 if it removed that application? One issue our contact did highlight was the fact that the app disappeared after installing iOS 8 beta 1. This is thanks to a clean install taking place followed by a backup file being restored when installing a developer update, although it is not clear if this will happen when users update to iOS 8 when a public launch happens.

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  • Tootse

    My Cartoon Hd keeps crashing also. I was working fine on Sunday night. It’s now Thursday. And it crashes. Anyone have any idea why?

  • Sarah

    My App Cartoon HD Pro keeps crashing. Is this amazing app at the end 😥 Any fixes? Please HELP!

  • Hecker

    Still works for me computer genius

    • Random

      How did you get it on the computer?

  • Dan

    Iv put the date back a few days on my phone and seems silly but it works.
    Only a few films working tho…

  • Stephen Waite

    I have been using it loads since the app came on iTunes. It’s been brilliant for the kids to watch their cartoons. But was gutted to see a wifi symbol in the middle of the screen and wasn’t able to connect to the server. I really hope that it’s a problem that can be sorted out soon!

  • Dave Gillard

    it seems to be blocked as not working for a few people i know 🙁

  • Dan

    Iv been using this app daily for about 4/5 months but today it has stopped working…
    It’s showing a wifi sign in middle of screen ???

  • lisa

    please can someone send the link to get cartoon hd

  • Flash

    I deleted it and tried re installing it say app can no be downloaded at this time… When do you reckon this will be resolved.

  • indas

    is it still working, I am getting connection error

    • Rik

      Had the same read elsewhere change the date on iPad/phone back a week reboot and it’s working again

  • Tuan Tran Sy

    thanks Jimmy Tran, hdcartoon tv of ohchoi team. Amazing app!

  • I also find app have many cartoons, at google search with keywork “cartoon ohchoi”.

  • Jason Cardoz

    but the website wont load up?!?

  • Em

    I don’t have any smart apple devices, really wish you could get the app on macbooks!