WWDC 2014 secret announcement with banner

There’s been rumors that Apple has a big WWDC 2014 secret announcement for a few days now and this possibility was given weight after those at the conference notice a hidden banner upstairs at the Moscone Center.

We’ve seen a number of banners already found on the ground floor where early registration takes place, but Apple isn’t letting any omen upstairs where there’s a banner covered obviously hinting at a bigger announcement for WWDC 2014 than iOS 8 or OS X 10.10.

Some blogs have managed to get a glimpse at the covered banners by being at the event venue and managing to see inside the window, although they can’t see what’s under the banners. Only some of those working at the Moscone Center might know what’s under the banners, registered attendees cannot get access to the floor where the covered banners are and even if they could, as we mentioned above they’re covered.

What announcement do you think is coming and to be signaled from the covered WWDC 2014 banner? We’ve seen banners covered in the past and these later revealed words and graphics for new technology, which included new iOS 8 features, iPhone specs, and other things like AirPlay. This year will certainly bring something bigger than in previous years, but no doubt some people will find it underwhelming as always.

There’s a strong chance the hidden banner will reveal Apple’s iHome system and we’re betting that’s the not so secret WWDC 2014 announcement.



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