Uncharted 4 preview details trickle out

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 2, 2014

There’s a lucky few getting an exclusive Uncharted 4 preview behind closed doors and messages from these insiders is spreading on social networks like Twitter through 3rd parties, and in some circumstances hints are dropped directly by those lucky enough to see Uncharted 4 up close before the general public.

We’ve already been given a strong hint that E3 2014 will showcase a tech demo for Uncharted 4 and fans couldn’t be more excited, especially if they own a PS4 considering the game will be exclusive to this platform. The news of exclusively came towards the end of last year when Naughty Dog gave us a teaser trailer.

While we have to take tweets from so-called “insiders” with a pinch of salt, they still make for a good read and the past has revealed that some of these people really do know what they’re talking about after seeing previews for themselves or knowing someone that has. Take a look at the tweets below from a few Twitter users claiming to know a little more than the rest of us, then share a comment with your thoughts.

What do you want to see happen with Uncharted 4 and its story? News about this game has been scarce ever since the teaser trailer, so this alone makes it really important for Naughty Dog to deliver finer details at E3 2014. The technology demo will certainly do that and we can’t wait to see this insight in the coming days.

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