Ronaldo in FIFA 14 World Cup pack is possible

While many FIFA 14 players have complained about FIFA 14 Ultimate Team pack opening odds being too harsh in the past, we have evidence this week to show you that the possibility is still there for those feeling lucky.

We have confirmation that rare players can still be found inside ultimate team packs after the recent FIFA 14 World Cup update for the game.

We have two videos to show you below, revealing that some players were able to pick up none other than World Player Of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo with a 92 overall card for Portugal.

One video shows a FIFA 14 World Cup Ronaldo pack opening live, while the other confirms that Ronaldo can even be found in the FIFA 14 World Cup update starter pack opening if you are extremely lucky.

Check out the footage below to see it yourself, then come back to us and tell us which rare World Cup players you have managed to find so far from pack openings.

What is the highest card you have pulled out and what was your reaction?



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