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PSN status creates PS4 error E-820001F7

The PSN status is currently down thanks to scheduled maintenance and this is creating the E-820001F7 error code on PS4 when trying to access the PS Store. Owners of the latest console also miss out on being able to view the “What’s New” section, so you will notice nothing showing when you browse to this section of the menu.

We are to believe the PS4 online services will come back up in about 4 hours time, or 4:30PM PDT. Other areas of the PS4 not working include the core sharing suctions, so gamers that use this ability to share videos and other content will notice the share button isn’t working during this time.

You will also find the Library area of the PS4 having problems along with a few other services. We notice when clicking the Friends list it states, “There are no players” and this makes sense if the PlayStation Network is down.

One service that is working at the moment is Trophies syncing, as this is working as normal for us. Signing into service like the PlayStation Store results in the above error code though.

Have you been having any issues with PSN down on PS4 today? Let us know if you have been able to sign-in to all services as normal, or if you have been running into problems.



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