PSN down today for UK, US maintenance

By Alan Ng - Jun 2, 2014

We have a quick heads-up for those of you trying to login to PSN today. Sony has confirmed that PSN is down today on June 2, 2014, but there is a way to still play online if you have remained signed in to the service.

At the time of writing, PS3 and PS4 owners will run into problems trying to access several areas of the PlayStation Network. One message which you may encounter when trying to access PSN on PS3 and PS4 is “Sony Entertainment Network is undergoing maintenance.”

Fortunately, you should still be able play online if you have been signed in to the service before 9.50am Pacific Time. Otherwise, the PSN will be back up at 4.30pm Pacific Time with normal functionality.

While we investigate which areas are impacted specifically, let us know if you can log into PSN right now. Is it down in your area in the US and UK or are you having no problems connecting to PSN today?

We’ll keep you updated in the coming hours.

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