New PS4 model not slim, still a mystery

By Alan Ng - Jun 2, 2014

A few weeks ago we told you about a new PS4 model that was coming after a certification discovery in Indonesia. At the time we told you that the revision from Sony would be a minor one, but it still didn’t stop early speculation on Sony already planning to offer a PS4 slim console.

This week, we can bring you a welcome update on the PS4 console news as we can confirm that this new model has now been spotted on the FCC website. This is usually a good indication that an official PS4 announcement is coming soon, with the likely destination for this to be during Sony’s E3 2014 conference.

Information detailed here reveals that so far, the true nature of the new PS4 model is still a mystery. Aside from showing the label for the latest model titled CUH-1115A, the only differences that have been confirmed so far are an antenna change as well as WLAN component and Bluetooth component tweaks.

Everything else has not been disclosed so far, so we advise fans not to get too excited if a major upgrade was thought to be on the cards. At this point a PS4 slim console looks highly unlikely now, with one suggested scenario being that Sony are just trying to reduce build costs to potentially offer a lower price point in the future.

Don’t forget that the Xbox One is now sitting at $399 without Kinect, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Sony decided to try a new strategy to bring consumers back to the PS4 ahead of their rivals.

Have you been following the new PS4 model rumors? Let us know what you think the outcome will be now that the console has passed FCC testing. Do you think it will be a few years yet until we see a slim model emerge?

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    I think they will announce a new ps4 model of 1tb and a price cut to 350 or 375 euros for the ps4 500gb . This will destroy M$ once for all plus will benefit me as i was waiting till the right time comes so i could buy my long waited ps4. Only if this will be true thought …. 500gb for a gamer like me its not enough space at all.

    • Your a dope

      Well you could have just put your own hdd ssd or hybrid drive into the console? Theres an official ps guide on how to do it ?

    • Ta’i Ngatokorua

      I’ve already run out of space myself and I’ve only managed to hold 30 games on my ps4 :I but it doesn’t bother me since i can just keep deleting the physical ones as they install during gameplay