Mortal Kombat X trailer for PS4, Xbox One

Mortal Kombat X has just been confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One. Co-creator of the series Ed Boon has been counting down on Twitter over the past few weeks, but now we know that a new Mortal Kombat game is definitely coming.

Most fans knew this already though, with Boon already changing his Twitter background to the new Mortal Kombat logo as well as including the text ‘Who’s next’.

This is after the poster which we told you about here was leaked containing the exact same information. What we don’t have yet though is the Mortal Kombat X trailer which is what all gamers really want to see.

Some fans are already saying that they have been ‘trolled’ by Ed Boon since they knew a new Mortal Kombat game was coming and wanted more information. So far, we haven’t had any information other than the confirmation of the game’s name, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Hopefully Ed Boon will let fans see the trailer today and not make everyone wait for E3 when we should see the game unveiled in more detail. For now though, give us your reaction to the fact that a new Mortal Kombat is on the way.

Is this an instant day one purchase for you? We can’t wait to see the first gameplay ourselves, it’s going to be epic.

Update: Trailer is live below, enjoy! Give us your reaction as we would love to hear what you think about next-gen Mortal Kombat.



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