Mortal Kombat X Scorpion wins Vs Sub-Zero

As we told you moments ago, the Mortal Kombat X trailer is now live, showing an epic next-gen confrontation between arch-enemies Scorpion and Sub-Zero. Watching the conclusion of the trailer though has been met with a surprising twist, which is already been discussed at length via social media.

Traditionally, the creators of the Mortal Kombat series have always been diplomatic when it comes to the subject of who is better between Scorpion Vs Sub-Zero.

However, this has all gone out the window with Mortal Kombat X, as NetherRealm Studios have decided that Scorpion is the better man – performing a rather nasty fatality on Sub-Zero at the end of the trailer.

This has made Scorpion fans very happy, but at the same time Sub Zero fans won’t be happy with the favoritism shown to Scorpion. Having said that, we have a feeling that this could be the first Mortal Kombat X animation tease of many, with future trailers showing Sub-Zero getting the better of Scorpion next time with a fatality of his own.

During the trailer, there’s also a confirmation that X-Ray moves will return as previously speculated. Watch the trailer again below and let us know your reaction to Scorpion winning over Sub-Zero.

Do you believe that Scorpion is the better fighter or not?



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