iOS 8 clear iMessage feed like Snapchat

One of the big surprises of iOS 8 was a big change to the Messages app. Specifically it looks like Apple are specifically targeting the likes of Snapchat with an iOS 8 feature allowing users to delete messages automatically after sending.

Snapchat users will know that this is the main nuts and bolts feature of their app. Now Apple are essentially giving iOS 8 users the same feature with the next update.

Debuted on stage live, we saw Apple showcase iOS 8 iMessages which revealed that messages sent between users, whether that be pictures, audio clips or videos that could be deleted automatically after sending.

If a user wants to keep the media, there is an option next to the message labelled ‘keep’ giving consumers the fantastic option. This of course is going to be brilliant in terms of storage as most of the time you may be sending something to a friend that can be deleted straight away after they have seen it once.

It’s a simple addition to iOS 8, but one that could change iMessaging for the future in a big way. Snapchat is giving consumers their social fix at the moment, but it’s a touch of genius by Apple to attempt to bring Snapchat users back to their first-party apps.

What is your reaction to Apple giving iOS 8 users a Snapchat clear feed feature? WWDC is ongoing as we speak, so expect to hear more details on this soon.



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