Increased CarPlay aftermarket support at WWDC

Apple has been a little quiet when it comes to CarPlay over the past month or so, but maybe because they were gearing up to announce more news today at WWDC, which is pretty much underway? There are reports that a few cars are now on display at today’s event, with some of them classic models.

It’s these classic models that are very intriguing because this would seem to suggest new information on further CarPlay aftermarket support. So not just new vehicles, so maybe other companies will follow Pioneer and Alpine, but what other companies will Apple discuss today?

Apple must realize that they need to get as much aftermarket in-car entertainment companies on board as possible, because this will be key to its success. We know that news car support is always important, but giving drivers who cannot afford a new car the chance to have CarPlay support is such a big deal.

Increased CarPlay aftermarket support

There is also a good chance that Apple will announce more car brand support for new models. Either way you don’t have long to wait, as WWDC 2014 is now under way.

Thanks 9to5 Mac.



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