GTA V patch preview with Heists icons

By Alan Ng - Jun 23, 2014

Most GTA Online fans are waiting for the GTA V 1.14 release which surely at last, will come with the missing GTA V Heists content. As we wait for Rockstar to give confirmation on this, we may have some juicy GTA V news to share with regards to potential icons that may be used when the Heists content is live.

Remember that Heists should be the next major update for the game with the GTA V 1.14 patch as Rockstar previously gave themselves a self-imposed deadline of June 20 to launch Heists, since that is when Spring officially ends and Heists was promised as part of the Spring updates.

Heists is on the horizon and GTA Online players across the world will be praying that Rockstar can still deliver on Heists after the sheer hype has threatened to overshadow the content which potentially may not live up to high expectations after such a long delay.

This week though, we bring you something to discuss in the meantime to keep you waiting. Above is an image you see thought to be taken from GTA V source code, allegedly showing early GTA V DLC Heists icons.

Pay closer attention and you’ll see that there are various GTA V DLC icons related to Heists as well. Notably a general Heists icon with a man holding his hands in the air, but also a secondary separate Heists planning location icon as well.

These could well be fake, but we have a vast array of other new icons as well which would seemingly be a waste of time for somebody to just make them up on the spot. Notice that there are also icons for pool, burgers, air hockey and basketball as well.

Is this yet another piece in the Heists puzzle for fans to take into account? We are due an update on Rockstar’s GTA V newswire website this week so let us know what you think about these icons and if you think they could be real or fake.

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  • Corey

    “…we may have some juicy GTA V news to share with regards to potential icons that may be used when the Heists content is live.”

    This quite literally says nothing, and provides no information. Either you HAVE news, or you DON’T. Which do you think is the case here?

  • Corey

    Oh so they gave themselves a self-imposed deadline?

    Is that at the same time they win the Redundant Awards 2014 Award?

  • Gareth

    I’m quite sure it’s cut content. These files have been in the game since launch and were discovered around November on Reddit as well as a forum. Earlier in development, the icons for the radar in single player were different, and some of these are remnants of features that were later removed from the game. Icons exist for every other single player heist despite not being used, and the “nice_house_heist” is a single player heist that was removed from the story altogether, called the “Sharmoota Job.”

    • liam

      Yeah i heard about that hiest it would have been good to have but oh well still hope hiests are out for 19th and thats when i think anyway??

  • guest

    Looks like remnants of old, cut content every game experiences.

  • Francis Jairam

    Maybe those icons explain why they were taking so long with the heists maybe? I am not too sure.

    • Corey

      You’re quite brilliant to form that concrete opinion on your own.