COD Ghosts Departed Death Mariachi live gameplay

We have something fantastic for Call of Duty Ghosts players now, especially those on Xbox platforms who are looking forward to the COD Ghosts Invasion DLC release date.

We have some early exclusive gameplay for you to enjoy now thanks to a DLC preview event, allowing you to get a full heads-up on what to expect from the new COD Ghosts Departed map.

Just like the Predator from Ruins in Devastation, the highlight of Departed is the special Death Mariachi field order. We had a tease of this in the official COD Ghosts Invasion trailer, but now we have a full match for you to enjoy.

Regular YouTuber AliA was given early access to the maps and we now have live gameplay showing the Death Mariachi being obtained in a care package. It gives you oracle-like vision to spot any enemies on the map, as well as dual akimbos to take out opponents in style.

What you didn’t know though, is that when you kill an enemy in Mariachi mode, you can spawn another Mariachi teammate to bring even more pain to the opposing team – only a maximum of two Mariachis can be playable though at the same time.

It looks absolutely fantastic and Invasion is already looking like the best DLC map pack so far for COD Ghosts. Let us know what you think of the gameplay and if Departed is worth the admission price alone.



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