Apple WWDC live stream keynote 2014 reminder

We are just minutes away from the WWDC 2014 start time with Apple due to take stage at the Moscone Center in San Francisco to unveil iOS 8 for the first time. We have a reminder that Apple are being very generous this year by letting all consumers watch an official WWDC live stream.

While most of you will be aware of this, we also know that many of you will be frantically panicking at the last minute on getting organised with a live stream.

The most easier way to watch Apple’s WWDC keynote live is through Head to their events page here and you can tune into a live video stream direct from the page.

There are some restrictions on this though, although these have been put in place each year. You will need to be running on Safari browser, on either Safari 4 or later and also Mac OS X 10.6 or later – which shouldn’t be a problem for most Apple fans.

Another great way to watch the WWDC 2014 event live is by Apple TV. You will need to have Apple TV 2nd-gen or 3rd-gen for this work with the latest version, but again this shouldn’t be a problem for many consumers.

Failing that, you’ll be able to read WWDC 2014 live blogs for the latest text updates from Apple’s event. Let us know which platform you will use to watch the event live.

What are your last minute expectations for the event?



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