Apple WWDC keynote stream event icon now live

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 2, 2014

The Apple TV WWDC 2014 keynote stream event icon is now live for owners of the little black box and we can confirm this is the case for both UK and USA. This news arrives after Product Reviews confirming yesterday that the icon wouldn’t show until the Apple 2014 event date, which is today.

We’ve just taken a look at the Apple TV in our office and as you can clearly see within the screenshots we just took, the “Apple Events” icon is visible without the roman numerals seen last year, although the picture does follow the theme seen on invitations given our around a week ago.

The title for today’s event is named “WWDC 2014 Keynote Live”, as seen in the second screenshot below. You can watch from 10AM Pacific time just like we explained in previous articles, so you can’t click play just yet until nearer the start time.


You will also see previous events dating back over the years, so this could be the perfect time to grab sone popcorn and sit back watching the keynotes going back a few years. Of course, we’d only imagine the most dedicated fans would ever undertake such a thing, but how about you? Will you watch any of the old Apple events today?


If the Apple TV events icon is not showing, then remember you might need to restart your device. We couldn’t see the icon until we restarted our Apple TV moments ago.

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  • Danny Dodge

    I wouldn’t mind watching the post wp7.5 mango keynote after Microsoft blew the competition downtown with their amazing features (for the time) such as integrated MSN Messenger and fb Messenger, linked in, twitter, Facebook, a great multitasking modern which allowed for full background multitasking, etc etc
    I can only imagine jobs or cook’s feeble voice trying to sound excited when announcing “we have twitter integration” knowing that that wasn’t enough in the face of wp7.5s explosive keynote… Of course Microsoft screwed that up and Ios and Android ripped off every great feature of mango and Microsoft temporarily stagnated… So im interested in seeing that. Also I remember how different the Ios 7 beta was to the final product so I wouldn’t mind seeing that keynote again too.