Apple TV 4th generation release not today

We have some bad news for those of you who were expecting new Apple products today during WWDC 2014, as there was no mention of any new products, which to us is a real shame. However, at least we got to learn more about Mac OS X Yosemite and iOS 8, with both now available to download for developers.

This means that those rumors of an Apple TV 4th generation release today is not going to happen, although we have to admit that we got drawn into the whole WWDC 2014 product release likeliness, as we assumed that Apple’s next-gen set-top box was going to make an appearance.

At least we can take something away from this, and that is the fact that either the iPhone or iPad event later this year could also focus on the Apple TV, and the fact that it was MIA today will fuel the fire even further as to its specs.

Apple TV MIA

Next possible Apple TV 4th generation release date – Like we said above, it could either be in September or October, although we have to wonder if Apple will just save September for the iPhone, as that is its money maker, and use October to unveil the new iPad Air and mini, although this could become a very packed event, as not only could the Apple TV be unveiled, but so could the iWatch and the iPod touch 4G and Mac mini

That’s right, the iWatch was MIA today as well, meaning many tech websites got it wrong, although I have said for a while now that Apple had put its iWatch team together too late in order to even contemplate such an early release.



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