Apple iWatch commercial, it’s a parody

What would an Apple event day be without a parody or two, well as per normal we have been treated to just that thanks to a new video hitting YouTube this past weekend. You can see the Apple iWatch commercial below this article, although it isn’t the official one of course and more of a parody.

Given the approbate title, “Introducing the iWatch”, the video in the theme of an Apple TV ad talks about the “magical new iWatch”. If you’re an Apple fan, then we’re sure you’ll love the great comic timing set in the well known theme of most Apple ads.

Whatever the real Apple iWatch commercial ends up showing us, you can be sure that this parody will make you question everything a smartwatch is meant to be. We love it, how about you? Take a look at the video below and leave a comment with your thoughts on this parody and what you think a real Apple iWatch specs will include.



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