Watch Dogs ctOS app network error odds

By Alan Ng - Jun 1, 2014

Watch Dogs is a fantastic game, but those of you who have been trying to use the Watch Dogs ctOS app may have run into some problems. Specifically, some of you have been telling us that the Watch Dogs ctOS app login is not working with constant network errors.

We first told you about this in a previous article here, which summarized general teething problems with the app as soon as it launched. Almost one week later, we can see that Watch Dogs ctOS login problems are still constant, with our own PR readers messaging us complaining that gaining a successful connection to the Watch Dogs app has been hit and miss.

The important thing to note is that the app is fantastic when you do manage to connect the ctOS app to Ubisoft’s Uplay servers. With such a high profile companion app, we could have guessed that the launch would encounter some problems.

Remember though that a simple Watch Dogs app update can solve everything. Ubisoft are obviously aware that many users are getting network errors when trying to login, so hopefully the next time we talk about the app it will be due to an update from Ubisoft.

Are you still having Watch Dogs ctOS connection problems? If so, get in touch with us below on your personal odds of getting a successful login – what is the longest you have had to wait so far?

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  • John Bonner

    It connected two days ago, but I could not find a match due to infinite wait times without my Xbox account linked. Now that I have the accounts linked I cannot connect at all over four different devices, WiFi, or over my cell network. As an added complaint, I would have tried to connect a week ago, but in game they kept saying that these challenges were against people playing on their mobile devices. . . Everything in the game is done on a virtual mobile device. They need to make it more clear that they are talking about a downloadable app for your physical ios or android device.

  • justin

    Mine worked right away and I caught the culprit, I even leveled up and learned how to heal my helicopter. Now it won’t connect to anything =(

  • collin

    If I connect to my home WiFi I can connect with no issues but when I am not at home and use my cell phone data to play it will not connect at all.

  • Matthew Coyb Doherty

    i rarely get connected but when i do it takes ages to find a player and i have only been able to finish 1 scenario all other times it says connection lost to (players name). this is really frustrating as all people are raving about is this brilliant app. uplay need to fix up

  • Ruwe

    I am able to log in to the account, and even scroll through the map, but in three days I’ve been able to find 4 players to go up against. One lasted about 3 minutes before network drop, the others lasted anywhere from 5 seconds to 30 seconds. The app searches for hours, with nothing to show but excessive battery drain.