Strange Watch Dogs Easter egg

Roaming around in GTA V online is a lot of fun, but this week gamers have discovered that Watch Dogs free roam exploration also has its benefits. We now have confirmation that Watch Dogs easter eggs are hidden in the game and some players appear to have found a rather bizarre one.

Easter egg hunting is always great fun in massive open world games like Watch Dogs and you just know that Ubisoft Montreal would have had fun themselves planting dozens of easter eggs in Chicago for players to take their time finding.

Now we have something fun for you to watch below, revealing a strange Watch Dogs Easter Egg that features a rapping singing trout. If you don’t believe us, watch the video below to see the exact Watch Dogs singing trout location – although be warned it features some fruity language.

Luckily, this particular Easter Egg is very accessible and shouldn’t take gamers long to find it themselves since the location is marked in the video. A singing trout though is certainly not what Watch Dogs players were expecting to find on their easter egg hunt.

Have you also found the singing trout easter egg in the game? Let us know what easter eggs you have found and if you have seen something that is even stranger.



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