PS4 network update starts 1.71 rumors

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 1, 2014

There’s nothing like a few rumors on Twitter to start gamers thinking the PS4 1.71 update might finally release along with a new network update. The tweets arrived thanks to someone that’s been hit and miss with getting it right in the past, and Twitter user Tidux left a couple of messages pointing to what they call the “most exciting” week for the PS4 this year.

You can see the exact text in the tweet below and even join in the discussion that has well and truly started. The so-called “most exciting” week can’t be anything to do with E3, as that starts the week after, although a growing number of gamers think we are well and truly due to see PS4 update 1.71 go live after a month has now passed since the previous update.

It is not clear what the so-called “network improvement” is about, although we’d expect this is about enhancing Sony’s PSN for better gaming online. When Tidux was asked, “is that network improvement still coming monday?” he simply replied, “yes”. You can see the tweet in question below.

What would you like to see improve with PlayStation Network, and do you think we’re due for the PS4 1.71 update next week?

We touched on the bug fixes needed within the PS4 1.71 patch notes at the start of last month, followed up with the necessity for this update, and earlier this week we highlighted how stupid it was to still have a lack of PS4 3D Blu-ray support, which some people agree and disagree with.

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  • spiderman

    all that i want is stupid but believe themes or wallpapers on ps4 is cool dont u think?!

  • Me

    As I am a gamer and I haven’t had any issues I don’t see the need for any updates but will always appreciate new/better things.

    • Tmax

      Actually I didn’t have any issues until the stupid 1.70 update… Now my system sound will out and the screen goes black… Would be nice if they would say test it before releasing an update.. If the new update don’t fix my issues I’m having them either send me a new one or give my money back..

  • harry67

    DLNA CD MP3 support

    • Me

      It’s a game console if you want mp3 supported device get a MP3 player.

      • Dan Vincent


      • cavemanmick

        considering they stated mp3 support would come your comment is asinine

        • harry67

          considering i never heard about that, asinine, wow big talk ,,, just play cool, it was a legit question and it asks what you would like to see on update

        • cavemanmick

          you do realise that i wasn’t replying to your comment right ?