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Odnoklassniki iPhone app removed from App Store

Those of you who have been looking for the popular social Odnoklassniki iPhone app have been met with a shock in recent days. Odnoklassniki for iPhone has been removed from the App Store and it looks like there is no indication on if it will return.

We have had a look for the app ourselves but cannot find it. A few months ago, the app was live and available to download for free – we even told you about this here in a previous article when we suggested that it would be a great idea for an Odnoklassniki iPhone app in English to be available.

Just for further confirmation, we captured this cache page of the app on iTunes before it was removed, so this is a change that has only just happened recently.

So far, Apple hasn’t given an explanation as to why Odnoklassniki is no longer available on the app store. We have already been contacted by our own readers too who are wondering what has happened to the app and why it has suddently been removed.

Is this a social app that you were using or were looking for, before it was removed by Apple? Let us know if you have any observations to share on this story. We’ll update you if we hear from Apple regarding the removal.



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