Konoplyanka to Man United not Liverpool on FIFA 15

By Alan Ng - Jun 1, 2014

There has been some very interesting transfer activity for Liverpool FC and Manchester United fans, especially for those that can’t wait to play FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. It has now become apparent that Yevhen Konoplyanka has emerged as a new Man Utd transfer prospect, the same player that almost arrived at Liverpool FC just a few months ago.

Although the Ukrainian winger has become a well known name in the UK now after being linked with several high profile clubs, many FIFA fans are surprised to see that Konoplyanka is not on FIFA 14.

Having said that, EA are highly likely to include Konoplyanka’s FIFA 15 stats if he moves to Manchester United over the Summer. At the moment, FIFA players cannot use Konoplyanka on Ultimate Team but it will be interesting to see what overall rating he will have on FIFA 15 if a transfer to the Premiership goes through.


Do you think a Konoplyanka FIFA 15 rating of 85-88 is reasonable for this player or does he deserve more/less in your opinion? For now keep watching the latest Manchester United transfer news as it looks like he could turn up in a Man Utd on FIFA 15 shirt next season, instead of Liverpool.

Liverpool fans, are you unhappy about this or satisfied if Adam Lallana moves to your FIFA 15 team as a replacement?

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  • Andrew Upton

    79/80 seems fair I think

    • Apimpname Slickback

      I was thinking 81-84 but I disagree I feel he is better than neymar. His is more complete than neymar , neymar just fits into Barcelona’s system perfectly (or a reversal of fits) shaqir is more comparably but not on di maria or bales level yet