GTA V Online animals DLC post 1.14 update

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 1, 2014

There needs to be more Grand Theft Auto V animals making their way into the Online mode with DLC after the 1.14 update, this is the message being shared by many in popular gaming forums and social channels. There’s a desire to see GTA V Online include animal DLC with current and new wildlife not seen in the offline mode, which would need to be after the 1.14 patch.

It is likely the GTA V 1.14 update will have a release date within the next couple of weeks and bring with it Heists. Rockstar previously gave us weeks of insight for future DLC and online improvements, so after Heists it’s hoped we’ll see what future DLC will be coming in July, August, and September.

There’s a good chance Rockstar will offer an insightful blog post revealing the roadmap for downloadable content after doing this before, and the gamer welcomed a clear roadmap with what to expect in the coming weeks. The next insight will likely also include some story DLC, especially after recent leaks pointing to such an update and of course this is a clear expectation by fans.

GTA V Online animals desired – going hunting with friends would be cool in GTA Online, although it might work better in private multiplayer games thanks to younger players acting crazy with tanks. One Product Reviews reader couldn’t understand why they don’t include animals in GTA Online since they have the hunting system already in place, although there’s a good chance it could be difficult to add animal functionality into GTA V’s Online environment.

We’d expect almost anything is possible with Rockstar developers, so bringing animals to online might be about how much time it would take compared to adding other add-ons desired by fans. Personally, we’d love the GTA V 1.15 update to include animals DLC but would you really want this above something else? Would you want to see animals and hunting added to GTA Online after patch 1.14/Heists?


Fishing for sharks in GTA Online with customizable fishing boats – another great recommendation by the fans would be fishing after the GTA V 1.15 or 1.16 patch and Online update, which could see you in multiplayer with friends at sea. One fan was backed by many others after showing an interest in “fishing with my family in the GTA Online mode”, although this idea could be taken further by adding in “customizable fishing boats/yachts”. Imagine showing off your latest pimped up boat when fishing with friends.

Leave a comment below letting us know what you’d like to see after Heists, especially if you love the idea of animals, fishing, and more customization online.

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  • Jim

    I think it will be very cool not just adding animals for hunting , we want horses too. And the fishing part is very nice too. Personally i want a warship carrier with armed helicopters, cargobobs, tanks, jets, and why not a new war amphibian vehicle. Oberservation Rockstar has to work on the quadbike gameplay because is not even close.

  • Mike Gomez-Montes

    Seriously would be great if the option was available for a “Outdoorsman Challenge” multiplayer mode. A good way to make this successful would be player selecting maps and modes as they do between cooperative/competitive games, only this would offer hunting the most animals in certain areas of the maps in the allotted time, the biggest animals, or also timed fishing events with the most caught and biggest caught in different areas of the map. Implement things like no friendly fire, and fishing w/grenades and such, and you’ve got a winner! This may not be for everyone, but the option would sure be great! Anyone agree?

  • Rickey Scott

    the game is played out now! who ready cares about it now lol GTA6 GTA6 Get up on it rockstar

  • Awesome dude

    Hope this is true about the animals. That would be sweet to hunt with other players oline. Nothing like getting chased about by a grizzly bear the wild. Lol.

  • miguel

    Rockstar did it for red dead redemption so why not but hunting wouldn’t be much fun unless we could go to a store and sell






    PS. Koenigeggs=Entity XF dont ask any more


    Erudy the coil voltic is the hennessey venom gt

  • the_wind_breaker ps3

    they should bring back the trucker servers. they had them on the pc version of gta sa and since they have a bigger map in gtav they should definitel bring it in

  • truevip

    Bring back the Dukes!

  • theplayingdead

    Just animals aren’t enought. There should be interaction with animals or hunting then it would be perfect.

  • Alan Singleton

    The A-Team Van!

  • Tim Dalton

    All I want at this point is this, an upgraded annihilator, and alternate model of tank like maybe. Tiger? And a new sniper rifle modeled on the the SVD with the Dukes Tampa and stallion from gta4. A helipad and scuba gear would be nice too. (Maybe a harpoon gun to go with?)

  • conspiracy101

    they had animals in online when it first launched but animal rights groups lost their nut and rockstar had to remove them. you wont be seing them back n heist, i think will only come to next gen consoles not 360 or ps3..

  • Erudy

    And a 1967 Corvette Stingray.

    • truevip

      They have it… stinger gt

  • Erudy

    And a Hennessey Venom GT.

  • Erudy

    And more customization options.

  • Erudy

    They should add more cars. Some ideas of mine are: a 1960s Shelby Cobra, a Koenigsegg, a new Camaro, a McLaren p1, a Saleen s7, a GTA Spano, more trucks, and sports cars (maybe a Ferrari 458 Italia or something).

  • MayB

    I would like to have leather leggings for female character. Like Natalia Zverovna had in Marriage counselling mission 🙂 And new sneakers for male character.

  • GTAplayer

    I definitely want to get wetsuits for Online and scuba gear (mask, airbottles and flippers) when entering Dingy boat. It would be so sweet to go scuba dive with friends or crew. My female character would look freaking hot that suit on! Like for example you can buy the suit from a normal clothes store and scuba mask, flippers and airbottles from Ammunition. Also some new motorcycle leathers should come too. Like one piece leather racing suits and some boots and gloves. Also MX jersey-pants, gloves and boots and goggles too. Those are most important things 4 me.

  • Mohamed Saad

    and not alot of people liked last team standing why not they make for us the ability that we can create by our selves that will make alot love it like capture i didn’t like it untill i had the ability to create it

  • Mohamed Saad

    i have good opinion why not they make a custom clothes for every country and be truth in real like see egypt and the almost clothes they wear and barazil and the almost clothes they wear will be nice realy nice and for every country one outfit 😀
    (srry for grammer idk any body understanded me )? 😛

  • buschlight55

    they should have a thing for rednecks like me (clothing old cars some awesome trucks camping and bonfires and they should put bows in as well) they should also put in like a hunting dog or any type of dog and a place you can weight lift and they should also let you jack up your truck so it sits higher.

  • buzzeye1010

    Everyone has their own opinions. I personally think Rockstar would bring an amazing zombie free roam experience. The reason people get annoyed now is not because its been beaten to death (which to be honest its not far from it), its because there are no good free roam zombie games out. If dayz was on console, I would say nothing right now.

  • marshmallows

    I wont unicorns in gta 5

  • bluekingz12

    stop with the stupid idea of zombies gosh

    • ZeuS


      • zombies rule

        agree to what that blacktops sucks gta5 zombies yaaaaaaaaaa

  • Trectuse

    gloves or real time would be great. Itd be awesome to go out at night as a crime fighter/villian if you didnt have to change clothes all the time.

  • davide

    Can you put in gta online more customizations example: subwoofer, neón …? And more jobs

    • ZeuS

      totally suport you man

  • Art__

    They should bring back the jet packs

  • ZPhoenix

    They should release Heists, let the kids hack it to death, then focus on offline mode. A variety of newer weapons (revolver, flamethrower, double-barrel machete, Air-Strike, etc.), new wildlife, ZOMBIES or an Undead Nightmare Type Add-On with an Alien Invasion, a Jetpack, a flyable UFO, SOMETHING.

    • bluekingz12

      please stop the idea of zombies would f up the game so please dont ever request a stupid idea like that if you want to play something with zombies go play black ops 2

      • zombies rule

        stfu zombies rule your just a dumb 5yrold

      • Bob

        But could you imagine what rockstar could do with zombies… I think it’d be a great idea because black ops zombies suck…. Like majorly….
        But I live the idea of a revolver because I love that gun… Especially a .44 Magnum…

  • King_God_Don

    ok well yeah pets could be and exception

  • Dominic

    Agree, I was so sad when I got the GTA V and I couldn’t fishing, Let’s bring the fishinginto the gta 5 online which is much more better! 😀 ++

  • alex

    For patch 1.14 they should bring back jumbo jets

  • Orluna84PSN

    Zombies Zombies N Zombies

    • Jimmy Page

      How original.

      • Robert Plant

        oh my gawd it’s jimmy page from led zeppelin

    • angelus mortis

      If you want zombies get dead island riptide

      • RD83

        i wish i could like this comment a million times and post it on anyones computer who thinks zombies should be in grand theft auto game get real people!

        • zombies rule

          why are you here to give ideas or cry about others u need to get real 5yrold get a game more to your age

      • zombies rule

        shut up how about u play dead island zombies in gta5 would rule stop rageing over a good idea

  • adam_awsome

    Nice car and tuning them up should be cheaper or you should get more money for races and missions because its just impossible to have nice stuff online without having to spend real money to buy gta$ especially when you don’t want to because your short on money or just don’t like the thought of cheating

  • Dave Kennedy

    Would be nice to go into more buildings.. or go into houses. Pointless to have all these buildings and no access.. Animals would be cool.. animals hunting other animals.. boats u can parashoot on to..

  • john

    definetey need customizable cop outfits where ou coul add gloves or where your radio goes on the body like on the shoulder or just on the belt. Also they need the option to customize the light schemes on police cars and where lights go on the car. Also they need to allow you to keep the police lights on without the sirens on. Also you should be able to have several different types of cop outfits ex. SWAT, Sheriff, City police

    • lordchoppadaiceman

      why you want cops so bad bruh haha

      • Skyeline

        so he can jack a cop car and roll around killing other players pretending to be police.. He’s obvi gonna get trolled hard.

    • Adrian

      i would totally make the gran torino from starsky and hutch if you could put police lights on cars lol

  • Pay Attention

    They need to take away the one door that we cant go in or make it a new room and also we need more access to the buildings its pretty useless having buildings that we cant go in i just think you guys do that because it fills in the map. Also more clothing options you guys do have new clothes but i mean new t-shirts and hats and an area that we can make our own that is a small change so i dont really care but what we really need is animals i agree with this article it would be great to smack bears with a golf club once and a while. We need more missions for the high ranks it gets boring playing the same old mission but i do enjoy the cash that we get at the end. Talking about money you should have a little section when starting up the mission of how much money we get for the mission because finishing and restarting a hard mission and getting only 2000-6000 gets really frustrating.I hope the creators get this because these things is what we really need.

  • karateka

    I apologise if this has been mentioned already, but how about a feature to upload your own mp3 playlists rather than satisfying yourself with only the built-in radio. These could update the current music content of the radio and could be accessible through the console of T.V memory.

    • Jimmy Page

      Hell yes! The gtav soundtrack is so repetitive.

  • Angelo Chimelis

    Me encanta la idea de los animals in GTA Online…

  • Cruz

    Maybe rockstar should add more stuff for higher ranks and military dlc that includes new guns being able to use the rope in the maverick and frogger helicopter military side missions and maybe hire your own personal private jet so you can cruise in the sky with friends 🙂 Just a thought would be great if it happened though.

  • Bo Dallas

    I doubt many animals will be allowed into the game, due to animal rights and cruelty, same goes for children, those fags that want them in future games will never happen. Stick to the nice cars haha!

  • Joe

    The cop uniform!!!!!!

  • isaac

    Here are a list of things i would like to see in gta v :]
    1.) Animals
    2.) Neon lights on bottom of my cars
    3.) Marine/aviation vehical customization
    4.) Anti tank weapons
    5.)apartment decoration
    6.) Secret handshakes that u can do with friends
    7.) A wieght system so you can lose/gain weight, and be able to use exorcise equipment.
    8.) Be able to use the vollyball,hand tennis, and basketball courts with a sports dlc.
    9.) Differant fighting styles like taikwando/boxing/mui tai etc
    10.) Zombie or alien invasion dlc. (Most likely alien invasion because of all the mysterious alien mumbo jumbo in campain)
    11.) Spinning rims (spinners) for your car.
    12.) Be able to use stock market
    13.) Be able to use bandanas as a face mask to cover our identity.
    14.) More strippers (getting tired of the same 3 girls, two of which arent even attractive)
    15.) I want to be able to hold my gun sideways like a gangster xD
    16.) I want nitraus in my cars!!!
    17.) I want an option to take off auto aim on cops and civilions. I hate when me and some dude get in a firefight and auto aim takes me to some random lady. Not only is she getting killed, but i end up take shots to the chest right after.
    18.) More apartment activities to keep your guest entertained. Maybe a playable game system? Lol a game within a game.
    19.)gliders and a scuba suit. I wanna glide for real. I wanna be able to put on a suit and glide in the air. And i wanna scuba suit so i can explore the water, without the slow submarine.
    20.) A harpoon!! :’D
    21.) A boxing ring were you can settle a smal dispute or just fight your friends for bragging rights.
    22.) Ejection seat for your car. That would be amazing lol
    23.) I wanna ride the rides on the pier!!!! :'[
    24.) More varity of flatbill hats! And different ways to wear them (backwards, fowards,sideways, etc)

    These are SOME things i would love to see in GTA V online. What do you guys think of my choices? Reply if you agree or disagree

    • RD83

      things you missed…

      a casino, (San Andreas)
      hydraulics on cars (for the love of god we are in L.A) (San Andreas)
      a monster truck (San Andreas)
      rc cars (San Andreas)
      open the stadium up for a basketball or change it into a demolition derby (San Andreas)
      a pool table/arcade game in your house
      night vision goggles or scopes
      a gun with a zip line attached to it
      flying to other cities like Liberty City, Vice City, Las Venturas (San Andreas)
      a cruise ship with a helipad
      a yacht or houses to live in
      horse racing track, (San Andreas)
      ped street racers,
      bars, restaurants, clubs (San Andreas)
      button sequence games (San Andreas)
      buildings under construction being finished
      wake boarding, water skiing, skateboards, long boards, west coast bikes roller blades, electric standing scooters, a segway, or mini bikes
      being able to wear a chain or watch any time not just with a t-shirt
      more clothes like what peds wear and the clothes you see in the store
      brushing your teeth/using the jacuzzi in your bathroom
      opening the bedroom curtains in the new apartments with a switch
      voice mail if you miss a call
      only we should call for jobs they should not call us
      and last but not least helipads on all apartments rooftops worth over 200K

      i could keep going but thats just the tip of the iceberg!

      • Thisguy

        I am sure they have a sign on one of the buildings that a casino will b opening soon or summin like that. Other stuff I agree with you but that would be so much work. Who knows maybe they will throw it into the next gta, cuz there has to be a next gta cuz they kinda left us hanging there at the end.

      • isaac

        Wow great minds think alike :] i also thought about 98% of your ideas lol. I just couldent put them down because ididnt want to have a really long list and not have people bother reading them xD lol but the night vision and zip-lines ideas are new. I like!!! Especialialy the zipline that would be awsome for when i am sniping! Just transfer building to building. And as for travling. I dont think they would do vice city or liberty city considering the are on the other side of the country, plus they might do a remake of the vice city map in gta 6. If we were to travel i think it should be north yankton. It would make the most sence since it was in campain and they already have the land and map layout

    • Jimmy Page

      They’re some really cool ideas dude.

    • commenting on retarded posts

      you need to stop playing sims little boy. spastic at its peak!

      • isaac

        1.) Unfortunitaly i have never played sims.

        2.) I am 20 years old

        3.) How is what i said spastic? The artical clearly ask’s us to put down what we would like to see in future updates. Please think before you comment.. it might save you from looking like a dumbass

      • zombies rule

        really u say little boy but u are the one rageing a about a good idea stop crying so much about he idea and get your own kids today

    • bluekingz12

      i agree with the first 22 cause you put it twice but c’mon bro if you wanna play something with aliens play mass effect 3 or blacks ops 2 OR call of duty ghost cause putting aliens and zombies would just ruin the game

      • zombies rule

        how about u go play then u dumb kid

    • GTAO

      Agree most of those. Especially the scuba suit. Really want that. And neon lights for cars.


    LEGIONofDOOM33, May 25 12:14 AM:

  • gsxr01570

    I agree with most. The opportunity is there for so much but at this point it is getting so boring. They need to take the extra garage space out in the back were the lift is and have that open to be able to store motorcycles and dirt bikes and 4 wheelers rather then taking a whole spot in the garage for a car. I would like to see the ability to own golf carts and customize then with big rims. Seeing how its online why not get rid of the radio station and make a deal with Iheart radio or someone n be able to stream live music of our liking and be able to hear songs that are out now. They need to be able to give more activates to do cause its at the point all there is to donis go in public room and kill people. I wanna see sports to play, more shops to go into, an actual race track for cats to race on not a dirt track that u cant do anything with. They need more hat designs as well. Way better guns cause the ones out now all have the same range and damage. They need to make things for higher ranks to make people work hard to get to that rank to get it. Im at 279 and that’s just grinding and hard work to get there not that it matters cause after 120 its pointless but need more for us higher ranks with better jobs that pay more money. I would love to see a police DLC and be able to play as the cops and be able to go into the police station and have side missions to do as cops and be able to respond to crimes. Enough for now but need to see more cause its getting boring and the next update with heist better be worth it or there gonna lose a lot of players.

  • daz


    • angelus mortis

      Hell yea good idea i will use it to cook the cops

  • Phire72

    How about being abke to costomize your bmx bike. Kike put on oegs or respray it. Im tired going out and trying to find a certain color.

    • Antoine Borum

      They should be story mode clothing in online

  • james

    How bout a new anti tank weapon for those kids using them constantly!!!

    • bluekingz12


  • Khalid

    A zombie mode or DLC. It was awesome in the wild west (RDR), and will be more astonishing in Los Santos.
    Boat customizations can happen in near-water garages.
    Last but not least, they gotta remake this for next-gen! Will be more enjoyable that way.

    • bluekingz12

      go play black ops 2 if you want to play something with zombies in it

      • zombies rule

        some thing over and over go play blacktops 2 blackops2 sucks sir gta5 zombies yes sir great idea

      • zombies rule

        only 5yrold play blackops

  • Dwizzle

    I would like to customize a plane. Also add suspension and stretch to the motor bikes

  • thegeniusof1998

    More off road things like camping

  • silverstorm2020

    They need to add an nice sized island our to the wwst or east with life and homes on it as I said before, the sea life is so dead! I drive my boat all the time the speeder but again the sea and beach life is so dead… being able to customize the boats would be so cool and with the colors like the cigar boats in Miami… same with being able to customize your buzzard would be nice too, jet etc…

    But I’d really like to see an island added with shopping and people on it like Catalana island, and with apartments on it too possibly, and the only way to get there is air or sea.. all that open ocean room with nothing to do is just dead space and so boring. I will ho as far to say add 2 islands! One to the west and one to the east.

    I’d add gta mods to cars but limited and only with a higher rank, like 250 or something! That gives you more incentives to work harder on the game…

    The clothes for women sucks! That needs to be overhaul majorly.

    • thisotherguy

      The island thing would be awesome. Own a mansion on an island and the only way you could transport ur car would be by a ferry or cargobob

  • thegeniusof1998

    They should add an online zombie mode like the walking dead and the whole town should be run down and destroyed so u have to find weapons

    • Jimmy Page

      What’s everyone’s obsession with zombies? I mean it’s been done time and time again, don’t you want to see something new incorporated into such a great game?

  • exinthevatican

    I heard the reason why there isn’t any animals in GTA Online was due to censorship reasons, much like how the strippers in Vanilla Unicorn are not topless in GTA Online, but in GTA V, they are.

  • Joseph H

    They should call the update Crime Scavengers

  • Taylah

    I’d like to see more car customisation. I mean it could be a lot better. Think about west coast customs. That’s a major customisation TV show that I happen to love. If we can’t get more advanced customisations, then I say we just get more options with wheels, darker tints, lowered and raised suspensions, new and more luxurious rims, having a seperate colour for the roll cage. I mean this is just car customisations think about BMX customisations, rolling down the street on a pimp ass bike or even more clothing, like more coloured skinny jeans, nice modern silk jackets, more swag beanies, more skate shoes, we should have sports jerseys as well with our crew logo on it, more sunnies (there’s a lot out there), more helmets, more dirtbike customisation, pets, more caps, being able to customise houses, have yards, customise yards (maybe have a dirtbike track to shred on), more cars (LOTS MORE!!), own more than TWO properties, better quick jobs for fast cash, raise the tank unlock level, being able to drive the train, more planes and helicopters, nightclubs to go party and drink at, custom car interiors, custom clothing (so we can design our own), more properties from apartments, houses to blocks of land ownership, being able to eat at a food shop like burgers hot from gta iv, building our own house design, the way to get in to your personal yard by a gate like the garage doors but replaced with a gate, maybe you could have a password on it and tell your friends when they want to come over so that they can have access to your house, custom caps (making our own again maybe using our crew logos), more music, west coast customs shop (makes sense if you add the more advanced customisations), skateboards and scooters (both customisable), skate helmets, more hairstyles (some for skater characters, some for military characters, some for criminals, some for rich and powerful characters, some for popular teens), having best friends, having relationships with other characters, having enemies, having text messages available to view like the apple iPhone, having home phones so if your at home that will ring instead of their mobile, being able to video with the phones camera, being able to chose from different types of phones, being able to walk around in underwear (San andreas), go karting, shows with rides, more t-shirts, being able to control speed for a cruise on a Sunday afternoon. That’s all from me but I have so much more!!! So much

  • Melvin

    Skateboards, snowboards that are not mission related. a working casino, camping.

  • Carl

    They need animals online not just for hunting but just seeing them and how they act towards players is funny like the shark and cougar. Maybe even add bears in the game, running over random deer and coyote that run across the road is fun. But they also need to make the car wrecks look more realistic like the damage to the vehicles

  • Wong Wesley

    thats stupid. its GTA. not Hunting Simulator

    • Melvin

      Running around killing people tends to be boring after a while, unless you are psychotic.

  • BranT

    Fishing with my friends would be amazing and through in boats that I could make changes to, then this is DLC I’d gladly vote for.

    • Jimmy Page

      Dude, really think about it. It could be fun for 5 mins, but virtual fishing is just simply not fun. Game makers have made games fully focused on fishing and they still failed. I doubt rstar could pull it off.

  • Tony

    I really want more animals in GTA 5 online and agree I’d have to play in a private match with friends if hunting.