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WhatsApp for Windows Phone gets update, finally

When WhatsApp disappeared for Windows Phone a little over a week ago, which meant that while those of you who already had the app installed, it was no such issue, but those planning on getting the app were no longer able to download it. Thankfully, WhatsApp for Windows Phone has returned to the store, and with it brought a new update.

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore reported earlier yesterday that the app was to return soon, so it was good to see this happening shortly after that announcement. We had assumed it was going to be made available again in the coming days, so it is good that Microsoft was on the ball.

The new update for WhatsApp on Windows Phone is version 2.11.490.0 and is just 1MB in size, which means that you should not expect anything new from the app. However, we can tell you that the way in which the app handled notification has now been resolved.

It was this problem that forced Microsoft to pull the app from the store in the first place, which was a little drastic, but then again it must have been serious for them to take such action.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone gets update

Looking on the Windows Phone Store we can see that people are pleased to see the app back, and that there is now a new update as well. However, as always, some users are having a few problems with WhatsApp.

Many users seem to believe that the team behind the app rushed things a little and so it is now as buggy as ever and in some cases will not even open, although we have to point out that these experiences are not shared by all.

Have you had any issues with the latest WhatsApp for Windows Phone update?



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