Trine 2 9/10 review justifies PS Plus June update

PS4 owners are now braced for the PS Plus June 2014 update which will come with two games instead of one. The downside to this is that it looks like there will be no new yearly game offering this time, but more free games to play is still a nice luxury to have.

Luxury may be debatable though as many gamers are already complaining that they have played both games already. We have told you about the first game Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate here, but the second free PS4 game that will be offered is Trine 2.

Trine 2 is a side-scrolling fantasy platformer which features beautiful graphics. One of the highlights of the game though is a co-op mode allowing you and a friend to play at the same time. If you haven’t played Trine 2, this is obviously a lovely treat to be able to download for free once the PlayStation Plus update goes live.

Many gamers are not happy with the PS Plus update next month, but at the same time not many PS4 owners are aware that Trine 2 is a game that received an excellent 9/10 review from IGN who have been notoriously stingy in the past with handing out 9/10 scores, but called Trine 2 ‘amazing’.

Trine 2 also has a 84 Metacritic review score for the Trine 2: Complete Story which will arrive on PS4 with the Dwarven Caverns expansion, so this isn’t a below-par game that Sony are offering here.

Let us know what you think of the PS Plus update for June and whether you are happy getting Trine 2 for free, considering that many gamers are complaining. For those that have already played the game, are you happy to play it again on PS4?



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