Fallout 4 Xbox exclusive DLC the only possibility

- May 31, 2014

There are a growing number of Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners thinking they have a good chance of seeing Fallout 4 release as an exclusive to their platform, which would be something PC and PS4/PS3 fans would hate to see. Most of us would acknowledge Microsoft’s record of paying for exclusive content or games, but the very idea of Fallout 4 becoming an exclusive to Xbox consoles wouldn’t sit well with many fans.

In fact, considering the cost of developing AAA games it seems almost ridiculous to think such a game like Fallout 4 could ever release exclusive to Xbox One/360 and maybe PC as well. The PC user would certainly deserve the game, considering the commitment from fans on this platform going back years.

Expect Fallout 4 Xbox time-exclusive DLC, not total game – there’s every chance Microsoft will use its spending power to purchase timed-exlcusive DLC for Fallout 4, but making the whole game exclusive to their consoles would prove very costly and not one we expect Bethesda would make with the development costs involved.

This is what one long-term fan had to say, “Exclusives will be difficult to attain on PS4 and Xbox One considering how expensive AAA games are to make, and studios would prefer to make games for both platforms for a larger profit”. Another added, “I don’t think it’s good for the game industry that Microsoft purchases games for exclusive on their consoles”. We’d love to hear your opinion on these comments and if you agree with this line of thinking.

Do you agree that Fallout 4 could see timed-exclusive DLC, but never a total game exclusive? How would you feel if Fallout 4 only released on Xbox One and PS4?

Personally, the right approach for gamers as a whole would be to release Fallout 4 and many other AAA games on PS4, Xbox One, and PC at least. Timed exclusive might upset a few people, but it will continue to happen and is certainly something Microsoft likes to pay for with hope of encouraging sales of their consoles.

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  • Adam Warren

    Lol at people ‘demanding’ to know about a game’s development… Rather sad if you ask me. Just chill out guys…

  • tony

    What a stupid article who came up with this….This won’t happen people stop being gullible and let’s actually wait for an announcement of the game before working about something that isn’t true

  • Samson

    Sure Bethesda will make a game with hundred million dollar+ earning potential and confine it to the console with the smallest install base of all 5 gaming platforms (PC/PS3/PS4/BONE/360).

    • kevin

      That’s why I favour them buying IPs, they can hand it to internal studios without extra over head and it brings more games to the console .

  • Mike

    Bethesda would never do that, they are not EA.

  • Zack Jameson

    Wow that’s absolutely retarded if true. I feel really bad for those effected by it IF true. Fallout 4 is one of the few games I’m really excited about. I have an Xbox One and don’t have PS4/PC so I’d buy it for xbox anyways but damn that would be really stupid.

  • kevin

    If people are upset about it then the only way to settle this is for MS to buy the IP or Bethesda and release on 360/Xbox one / PC thru windows .

  • Mitheledh

    I doubt Bethesda would be stupid enough to cut out the PC. The PC represents and not insignificant part of their fanbase and modding keeps the game going for years. However, if they did cut anyone out, I imagine it would most likely be like Titanfall, coming out on Microsoft platforms only, both PCs and consoles. Personally I hop they exclude the Xbox 360 and PS3. Building Fallout 4 for those dinosaurs would just hold the game back.

  • Bob Dole

    If Fallout 4 came out for the Xbox and not the PC, then Bethesda wasted their money buying a franchise.

  • Alex

    Really? Who came up with this? Bethesda (The studio, not the publisher) has never done a console exclusive for anything, and PC has always been their go-to. The top selling point of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout is their modability on PC. There is a 0% chance of anything being exclusive to a console, be it xb1 or ps4

  • Kevin Mole

    they will not make that exclusive to the xbox one no chance the ps4 has sold loads more than the xbox one so it might be on ps4 only though.

    • kevin

      So BY your logic as long that you a PS owner don’t get screwed everything is fine.

      • Malik

        That’s all that really matters in the end.

  • John

    Who the hell cares if it’s timed. I’ve had to wait for all the cod dlcs for many years. It’s not like the whole game will be exclusive.

  • Frank Acree

    Hmmmm, considering how poorly Bethesda has treated fans over this title, I would have to say that I would not be surprised if the fan base bought about ten tons of high quality cow manure based fertilizer and had it dumped on their headquarters door way. I think that there have been some real ass moves by some fans but the truth is it would pain Bethesda nothing to give the fan base some information on the game. And if they released it exclusively to any single platform it would be a slap in the face of every fan waiting for the title. But sadly, I think nothing is beyond the control freaks at Bethesda at this point though.

    • kamranm1200

      Stop being a f*cking Bethesda hater. Bethesda has NOT treated fans poorly over Fallout 4. They want to keep Fallout 4 secret until they want to reveal it. And I for one agree with their decision.

    • lol

      If by “How poorly Bethesda has treated their fans over this title” you mean not pre-announced their announcements because the fans demand it, and generally bent over backwards to suck their dicks off, then you are absolutely correct.

      • Frank Acree

        Pete Hines has become the poster child for how to be a corporate stooge. I think the majority of fans would simply be happy with an acknowledgement that Bethesda is actually working on the game. But not Bethesda that kind of infringement on their creative process is simply too much for Bethesda. So they trot Hines out and he denies and denies and denies. It is a corporate policy that screams arrogance. And it doesn’t help their image in the least.

  • Jake

    I’m a PC user and can’t wait to play Fallout 4, and just hope the developers do our platform justice.

  • Lewis

    I hate seeing Microsoft paying for exclusives, even timed, and I don’t think it is good for the game industry.

    • kevin

      Then you should hate Sony also = AC4,Destiny. Watchdogs , etc. etc.

      • Mike

        And Titanfall. Those games you mentioned are DLC exclusive not the whole game.

        • kevin

          My Apologies ,I did not make the distinction .

      • Samson

        Two wrongs don’t make a right, dullard. Exclusive are bad, period.

        • kevin

          Its bad for the one console gamer , but for the company its an incentive to steer consumers to its product . plus don’t see it stopping cause a handful see it as bad or wrong .

        • kamranm1200

          Sony has never made exclusives except for Infamous: Second Son and maybe a couple other titles.

        • usherjerksoffsonyfanboys

          The last of us, driveclub, the order 1866, without memory…..what the hell are u talking about?

        • AQWSQ

          Sony makes exclusives all the time it’s one of the reasons why it’s more appealing than Microsoft. GoW, R&C J&D, Lbp, infamous, Kz, Sly, Tlou, Could easily go on. Sony excels in exclusives while Microsoft tends to pay for timed exclusives on cross platform games instead of making new IPs

        • Slumdog

          will buying Exclusive is bad but if its first party exclusive i do not think its bad

      • Slumdog

        whats exclusive about Destiny? on PS4 from Xbox One