17-inch MacBook Pro 2014 release desirability

By Peter Chubb - May 31, 2014

The desirability of a re-introduction of the 17-inch MacBook Pro is like a phoenix rising from the ashes, as no matter how many times a likely release is suggested, it gets put down, but then comes back again even stronger. Take the 2014 MacBook Pro refresh for later this year, it would seem that MacBook fans are more determined than ever to see the return of the much-loved larger model.

It was a sad day when Apple discontinued the 17-inch MacBook Pro, while at the same time teasing an all-new 15-inch Retina model. Photographers and videographers do like having a much better display, but they also preferred having the option of a larger display, as well as a matte screen.

One 17-inch MacBook Pro owner has proved just how much he loves his machine, as he purchased the last model made and then spent around $1,000 in order to get it up to the kind of spec he needs.

17-inch MacBook Pro 2014

Even though this is a late 2011 model, he has given his 17-inch MacBook Pro a 2014 update by installing a Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and a 2TB SSD. Okay, so it is clearly a long way off what a true 2014 update would be like, but it is a fine example of the lengths some people will go to in order to breathe new life into their aging 17-inch MacBook Pro.

A 17-inch MacBook Pro 2014 release is needed for so many reasons one of which is better explained by a comment made on 9to5 Mac, as the reader believes that while the 15-inch model is ideal while traveling, it is good to sit down at the home or office and work on the 17-inch model.

This is how most 17-inch Pro fans sums it up, the MacBook Pro 17 is a must have, while the 15-inch model is nice to have, would you agree with that?

If Apple were to reconsider bringing back its larger Pro, then what should the 2014 MacBook Pro 17-inch specs be, and when would be an ideal release date?

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  • Shian

    I’m a designer – graphics, audio, video, 3D, etc.. and I love my MBP 17 and have used it since 2010. Not parting with it until it breaks. The larger screen is an absolute benefit to be able to see more of the big picture at a larger size, and at 1x pixel density. And it’s portable and thin enough to fit into my messenger bag. Only drawback is that its a bit heavy, but honestly, it’s not that heavy in the absolute sense. If Apple ever brings back a 17″ MBP “air”, I will be the first in line, and I suspect designers all over the world will desperately want one as well. Apple seems quite blind to this. Probably Tim Cook doesn’t see this, as I’m sure Steve Jobs would, as he had always recognized the creative professional as a key market segment for Macs. I’m still hopeful Apple will one day see the light…

  • Timothy Ford

    I still have my mid 2010 macbook pro 17″ 8gb ram 2tb ssd. Haven’t upgraded with apple since and never will until they bring the 17 inch back. Been debating about finding a late 2011 17″ so i can have 16gb ram. But thats about it.

  • Gunnar Forsgren (<- in photo)

    I have the last version of the 17 and it still holds up to the test of times. That is one of the great things with the MacBooks that OSX keeps on evolving to keeping them modern. My 17 still appear as brand new and it is such a delight, even to haul around. I installed a USB3 card in the Express card jack and now have two fast USB3 ports as well.

  • Jerry Alan Carroll

    As a DJ that has the laptop slightly further away from me than the average user and with my failing eyesight, the 17″ is perfect…downsizing to a 15″ would reek havoc on my eyes even more. I don’t want to have to increase the font size any more on Serato DJ than I have to.

  • Bazza

    Sony had in 2009 or 2010 a beautiful 18.4 inch laptop, with SSd and 8 gig ram, full hd screens. They were better looking than mac pros, and even at 18.4 were ultra slim and only 3.2 kg. they were 3000 pounds but best design and equip money could buy. Surely Mac could bring out one of those.
    I had a dell 6500 workstation which had 17inch screen of 1920×1200 and loved it’s build and screen size and resolution. Mac Pro retina is no substitution. They only reason it sold poorly was because Apple charged 400 pounds MORE than 15 inch of exactly same spec.
    Apple is losing customers. It’s i iPhones 6’s are or 2 generations behind, and it’s iOS is getting seriously dated left behind by android and even windows. Of course apple apps are more robust, more of them, but not listening to customers.
    Apple, please bring out niche market 17 or 18.4 inch macpro, pref at 2560×1440 or quad hd / 4k.

  • JP

    Actually, I would love to buy a 19″ Macbook Pro, Antiglare screen, at least 1TB HD ,…etc, etc. I do not care if it is a bit heavy, bulky and probably pricy. I feel there is a market for high end portable laptop. Like for MacPro.

    • Alex Lee

      That can be option on the 17-inch class, same dimension of casing that will house the screen, but maybe stretch the screen all the way to the edges.

      • JP

        Probably a small market money wise ($$$$$) but could bring extra value for the brand and may lead to incremental sales. Super premium equipment empower brands like for luxury industry.
        19″ would be my dream with leading edge configuration. :))

  • Chris BSomething

    I’m a long time 17″ user whose laptop recently bit the dust under AppleCare and was offered free the new 15″ retina. One you turn the display scaling on, it’s actually a lot better than I thought it would be. I do think it’s the right thing for apple to offer a 17″, they are a big enough company that they should be able to, and if they do I will go back to 17, but the 15 is better than I thought, once you scale the display.

    • Alex Lee

      17 inch is a great screen size dynamically with the high resolution especially for the screen space if you know what I mean

  • lindzbitz

    I am looking to upgrade my 17″ macbook pro BUT THERE IS NO UPGRADE!!! I am a photographer and it is necessary for me to have such a large screen in a portable device! Please bring back the 17″!

  • Thomistmuse

    Ideal release date: sooner rather than later!!!!!

    • Alex Lee

      There are updated MBPs coming somewhere in July, go tell apple bout it!

  • After using a 17″ laptop display for over a decade, I cannot bring myself to compromise and look through a tiny 15″ and puny 13″ porthole. Bring back the 17″ MacBook Pro.

    • Alex Lee

      You can tell Apple on a feedback page regarding MacBook Pro and do enhancement request. Say what you said here, but with a retina display, DDR4 RAM, and broad well processors(quad core)! 🙂

  • Thomistmuse

    By the way, antiglare screen is also extremely valuable! This is written on my invaluable 17″ MacBook Pro, with antiglare screen!

    • Alex Lee

      Actually you will like Retina more. Retina is better than anti glare more vibrant colors, higher resolution and just as clear(not too glary as anti glare)! Trust me!

      • I will never buy a glossy display, who wants to see their own reflection while working all day long? Anti-glare all the way for me.

        • Alex Lee

          I see what you’re trying to say, but Retina display will have less glare, and more clarity, and vibrancy.

        • Jerry Alan Carroll

          I have lights on me when I DJ sometimes, I don’t want any glare, period.

  • Thomistmuse

    There is no subsitute for the 17″ MacBook Pro and it should be brought back as soon as humanly feasible. Sharper resolution is splendid, but **does not compensate for the loss of screen real estate**. Of course, having both would be grand! I wish we could have both. But the screen real estate is disproportionately helpful. There are many people who don’t have a professional need for it: but not only video and photo people, but editors and authors, have excellent use for the 17″. Having multiple files open at once at usable resolution–which doesn’t work on the 15″ nearly so well–is a great benefit. Moreover, the benefit of this much mobile power is wonderful: one has *everything* necessary for big projects wherever one is. I understand that people for whom a computer is merely a big iPod don’t understand this. But some of us need this product & it would be a big step down to have to get it from the windows world.

  • Tom

    The smaller screens of the current MacBook Pros would be fine if Apple would bundle 16 year old eye balls with them. // There is the observation that the old 17″ models aren’t seen being used for a few minutes at at a time at Starbucks. My take on that is that the current small devices are fine for such light duty applications, but that professionals and serious amateurs in photography, videography, software development and probably other fields *need* the extra real estate of 17″ screens. The 17″ models are in offices, homes, studios, and hotel rooms, being used for serious work. // I switched to Mac and ordered the original Uni-body 17″ MacBook Pro, the Early 2009 model, Anti-Glare Screen with fastest processor, in FEB 2009. I’m using it now. I’m perfectly pleased with it, but a more powerful machine would be better for photo processing. I bought a New Old Stock (NOS) Late 2011 17″ MacBook Pro with anti-glare screen and the top processor and and discrete graphics in April 2013. The intent was to dedicate it to photo processing. I upgraded it to 16 GB of RAM and loaded it with essential applications and powerful sets of photo processing software, bought a big rolling case for it and my Medium Intuos 4 Drawing Tablet and external Thunderbolt drives etc. for portable use, but then it was stolen from my brother’s house while I was vising on vacation. I never got to edit even one photo on it. // I’ve spent man-months trying to figure out how to recover. The last of the NOS units from MacMall had been sold just before mine was stolen. I’ve considered lots of Late-OCT 2011 17″ MBPs with A-G Screens on ebay, and am seriously considering the new Mac Pro, but dragging it and a 30″ EIZO monitor and a set of external Thunderbolt Drives around by airplane or even car or train isn’t very practical. I want that setup for use at home. // I hope that Apple reintroduces a 17″ MBP with Anti-Glare screen this month. For what its worth, I refuse to buy an iPhone until Apple again produces the type of MBP which I need.

    • Alex Lee

      Retina is the type you would want for a 17 inch MacBook Pro..it’s better than anti glare! 🙂

  • Alex Lee

    With retina because other MBPs now have that, don’t see optical drive at this point so not surprised if thats not there, three USBs 3.0 though, latest quad core processors, latest dual dedicated graphics, express card 34 slot next to headphone jack, as well as two line in/out jacks just like previous generations, large speakers(on both left right side of keyboard(forget the number pad on the right side) and louder and higher quality), 16+ GB ram option, 1+TB flash storage. Maybe 17.9″ display. Bout time!

  • Edward

    Personally I’m not concerned with the retina display. I just want the real estate to work with. ( I really really don’t want to go back to PC to get it, but will If I must)

  • Steve

    Bring back the MacBook Pro 17″ – Nah, there isn’t a suitable market for it!

    • Alex Lee

      With retina because other MBPs now have that, don’t see optical drive at this point so not surprised if thats not there, three USBs 3.0 though, latest quad core processors, express card 34 slot next to headphone jack, as well as two line in/out jacks just like previous generations, large speakers(on both left right side of keyboard and louder and higher quality), 16+ GB ram option, 1+TB flash storage. Bout time!