Watch Dogs PC RAM issues, patch to fix

By Daniel Chubb - May 30, 2014

The Watch Dogs PC RAM issues a number of you have been talking about on Twitter have been picked up by the games Graphics TD at Ubisoft, Sebastien Viard, and as such you can count on a number of these memory problems being fixed in a Watch Dogs PC patch to release shortly.

Viard left a few tweets detailing certain RAM issues he’s aware of and we’ve embedded those tweets below. In a nutshell, Ubisoft know that a PC GPU running Watch Dogs needs enough VRAM when using ultra graphics options and thanks to a lack of unified memory. This means the game can use 3GB plus of “RAM on NG consoles”, also lag might result in the need to reduce GPU VRAM usage.

Finally, another tweet seen below explains that a Watch Dogs PC patch is being worked on by programmers right now and takes into account a lot of the feedback given. There’s currently no word on a release date, but Viard did tell followers to “stay tuned”.

Do you have any other problems with the PC version of Watch Dogs that you’d like to see fixed in the next patch? There’s been a number of teething problems with the new open world game and this includes a WS-37504-9 error on PS4, although that issue seemed to be related to PSN.

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  • Strider

    Its A Very Unrefined Code It Should Run As Good As Any Other 2013-2014 Game Because Graphics Are About The Same And Its Much Smaller Than A Game Like
    GTA V So They Do Not Have A Valid Excuse…

  • name

    Funny thing is I have 3GB graphics card, with 8GB RAM & an 8 core i-7. Regardless of graphics settings the game frequently stutters so badly that it’s literally unplayable.

    • Thomas Michelsen

      Well, a 3GB graphics card can still be really, really crappy, as RAM comes second to the actual GPU in regards to performance… though I do agree this game is terribly optimized, if at all.


    It’s funny how they are blaming VRAM as the problem. I have a GPU with 4.4x higher texture fill rate than PS4 or to put it another way can pump out 4.4x more textures it has 4x higher pixel fill rate , 3.5x shader compute, 65% faster texture decompression and well over double the memory bandwidth but I cannot run the game well because I only have 2gb of unique VRAM?.
    That is bullsh1t .
    It’s the texture mapping units that render textures and the VRAM only acts as a buffer between what is being drawn on screen and what the GPU is working on. All games use texture streaming and the less VRAM you have the more textures are streamed. Now if you have a GPU that is a texture pushing monster like mine with high bandwidth VRAM then the game should be able to stream textures in without any graphical glitches or horrible performance issues.
    The game is a poor port. The consoles use high amounts of VRAM to act as a buffer to give the GPU more time to render textures as the next-gen consoles have weak GPU’s with low texture fill rate, so the developers fill the VRAM up with textures to render which gives the weaker GPU’s more time to render more textures while the VRAM is displaying on screen.
    Now a GPU that can push 4.4x more textures and has over double the bandwidth in VRAM can simply stream more textures in at a faster rate instead of needing to fill a 3gb frame buffer which gives the GPU a breather to then push more textures.