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Snapchat won’t switch users camera, then freezes

It looks like many consumers are under the impression that the latest Snapchat updates are actually causing more harm than good. Snapchat Video may be a great update for the app, but many consumers are still hoping to see a Snapchat camera fix which is currently causing a lot of hassle.

Snapchat updates on Android and iPhone have been fairly frequent in the last few months, with the big update finally adding video support to the app.

However, while this has brought a lot of joy to some users it appears that Snapchat camera problems are the big priority for users with the app still acting up and failing to provide simple functionality.

Specifically, Snapchat won’t switch users cameras and then more often than not leads to freezes making users restart the app – which is obviously very frustrating.

It doesn’t take long to jump onto social media boards to see evidence that this is becoming a problem for many Snapchat fanatics.

You can also read through hundreds of similar comments from those posting their problems to Google’s official Snapchat app review page here. While the new features are great, it should never take away basic functionality which consumers were enjoying before.

Have you been having problems with your Snapchap app freezing after trying to switch between the front and back camera? Let us know your status at the moment below.



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