Rickie Lambert Liverpool FC transfer on FIFA 15 joy

By Alan Ng - May 30, 2014

Those of you who are busy performing transfers in the FIFA 14 market may have noticed that there is some big news regarding Liverpool FC in the real Transfer Window. Southampton striker Rickie Lambert currently has a 79 rating in the game but it looks like an upgrade may be on the cards with a potential move to Liverpool FC.

Nobody saw this coming, but in the last few hours it looks like it could become a reality. Rickie Lambert could be a Liverpool FC player in the matter of days and if it happens a FIFA 15 upgrade for Rickie Lambert could be considered by EA.

We have seen in the past that EA will generally look at a player who has moved clubs in real life and individually decide whether an upgrade is warranted for the FIFA community – especially if it is heavily requested by other players.


We have already seen some Twitter movement from players who have specifically commented on Lambert’s transfer to Liverpool FC and then talked about his not so great 59 pace stat in FIFA 14. He also has an 77 shot rating, which we think could be upgraded to around 80 without altering his overall card drastically.

Rickie Lambert is also an expert penalty taker. He has scored 31 out of 31 penalties for Southampton and this has been reflected with a 91 penalty stat in FIFA 14. We expect this to continue with FIFA 15, but perhaps a heading upgrade to 85 from 82 could be warranted as well?

If you play FIFA 14 on a daily basis, let us know your reaction to the Rickie Lambert Liverpool transfer news that is hitting the headlines recently.

Do you agree that he could be due a small minor upgrade for FIFA 15 once the transfer is finalized? Enjoy some videos that we have provided below showing his abilities in the game.

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  • Yukhail Govender

    your stats are outdated, his penalties is now 95, heading 85

  • Andrew Upton

    It is how the game tends to work.
    I expect a minor increase
    Or at least staying the same despite him being 32, negating aging

    Fifa w@nkers comment is a load of rubbish
    Even the pros play fifa

  • Fifa W@nkers

    Nerds & geeks are not real footy fans, they can’t even jog at a slow pace without tripping over let alone kick a football… Now we have all these geeks playing PES & FIFA and talking like they actually understand the game…. w@nkers. They know nothing and will forever be feeble weak scrawny little geeks. At least the geek who wrote this article talks from a FIFA point of view therefore I can assume he has already accepted his inferiority to us sporting athletic people. Well done nerd boy

  • Confused

    So let me get this straight, because he is no longer going to be a Southampton player he is now allowed a higher rating and this improvement would not be justified if he were to remain at St Mary’s? This article does seem to suggest his rating should be going up because he is moving clubs rather than because he’s a better player than they (EA) thought.