PS4 FIFA 14 CE-30002-5 error hits World Cup update

- May 30, 2014

We have heard from a number of Sony PS4 users trying to install the FIFA 14 World Cup update and hitting a CE-30002-5 error, which is directly related to the new DLC and extra Kick Off mode revealed after the patch.

The FIFA Community Manager for EA SPORTS has tweeted about this particular problem and you can see that tweet below. Sadly, it looks like there’s no fix for PS4 users receiving the FIFA 14 CE-30002-5 error code at this time.

Some tips were suggested for PS4 users like removing the disk and to delete the app, then reinstall. Of course, this isn’t ideal for all gamers and some of you might prefer to wait until the update is over 24 hours old with certain online bugs being fixed. One Product Reviews reader said this, “I deleted the FIFA app from the PS menu and re-installed it, which worked for me”.

Have you been getting any error messages on the PS4 when installing the FIFA 14 World Cup update? Let us know if the install process went fine for you, or if you’ve hit the CE-30002-5 error like many others on PlayStation 4. Again, if you’re on another console like the PS3, then let us know if all installed fine for you without glitches.

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  • jim7907

    how did you the reinstalation of the fifa app ??
    what can i do ?

  • Jim

    Guys i have delete the app but i cannot install it again
    Can anyone help pleaseeee

  • Sam

    I deleted the app and reinstalled it and the update worked! Thanks!

  • AFC1983

    Will deleting the app delete my current progress in pro clubs, seasons etc?

  • AFC1983

    Austin • 3 days ago
    if you delete the app, wouldn’t that delete your saved data such as career modes also?4


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  • Nairny

    Totally peeved with 2 sons not amused, get it sorted after £600 plus I’m starting to wonder why they didn’t have an xbox one!!!

  • AnonUK

    Well, there you go EA do it once again. Crap server (keeps get disconnected), consistently my squad files get corrupted and bugs all over the place in Fifa 14 for PS4. And now the new patch won’t install. It is most crappy game EA has released to this date.

  • Fifa boss

    Delete the app then download it again it KEEPS your data and updates in minutes=D

  • Michael

    Not working


    I deleted the app installed again and it workd 🙂

  • TyBurrowbridge

    I’ve got this error and it hurts my feelings. I’ve tried deleting with no luck.

  • Diego Muraca

    fifa just uninstall the application and return to install? or is it necessary also delete the upgrade and re-downloading it? : (…. “Q is only got 1mb and takes 4 hours to download”

  • mattz

    If i delete the app, will this loose my Pro Clubs player stats?

  • emma

    When is the issue going to be fixed iv got one unhappy boy waiting to play on it on his ps4 its getting ridiculous now

  • Simon

    I have been trying to do this update since yesterday and every time I do it it comes up with no installed I am losing time here on ultimate team and it is becoming a joke… I don’t really need the update I just want to play on the ultimate team.

    • BobBob

      You is sad mate

  • Betenkur

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa im so crazy??/??_.,jjh

  • Betenkur

    I have that problem too

  • Madguy

    I still can not install… (CE-30002-5)

  • Roy

    Is the problem already solved? I downloaded the file for the second time. Same problem!

  • Mostafa

    not work. i have the same problem 🙁 CE-30002-5 error . can not install.. !!! what we can do? no one install this update?

  • Hbmirza_123

    I have the same update error . I deleted the app and then re-installed it but with no success ! This is so frustrating .

  • OneMartian

    just get into the game then press the R3 button so it signs in to EA and it would work. It seems like they returned the online patch to the previous patch not the new updated one for the current time. Enjoy guys! 😉

  • Austin

    Guys I figured it out. For me I got it downloaded but not installed. I just figured I would play some career mode rather than UT, so I clicked yes saying I would play without online features. Next thing I knew, I was signed into easfc and now I’m able to play ultimate team, so I guess the error message is a fluke.

    • Amin

      if u r On Ps4 make upload a clip of it on youtube and send the link here 🙂 .

    • Bob

      Same for me, my update wouldn’t install but thankfully I’m able to use my online features 🙂

    • tingle

      That happened to me but u can’t play on World Cup update or against people with the update

  • Austin

    If you delete the app, wouldn’t that delete your saved data such as career modes also?

    • Amin

      No 🙂 fifa saved files wouldn`t be deleted

      U must delete it when u r on its screen in ps4 menu press and hold Ps button then delete , but i have fifa on disk and if u purchaced it from playstation store it is not a good idea too delete and reinstall it .

  • FIFA tank

    Yoooo d1ckheaddsss wft

  • Daniel Dunham

    (CE-30002-5) ive tired so many times but it just wont install for my ps4, will it ever get fixed :/?

  • amin

    i have ps4 : i deleted fifa 14 and reinstalled it (i have the disk) and it updated and a worl cup menu apears in next to kick off => BUT it will crash every time i play that menu other menus are fine but this update is a mess really and must fix it

    • AB2512

      exactly what happnes to me

  • Jihad

    Im in ps3 and i updated it but nothing happened at all !

  • Amin

    they must test their updates in any kind of ps4 consoles then realese why they dont listen and im agree xbox360 after many years had fewer problems in comparison whit just few month of ps4 !!
    Y Y Y ???

    • Kerzo

      So true, was xbox 360 before and had barely any problems compared to the couple of months with the PS4

  • matheus

    deu certo joão

  • matheus

    ainda ta baixando

  • TomD

    I dont have update error, just in-game when you download latest updates all players have default (easports) black and white boots. Not sure wtf happened.

  • Joao

    Matheus fala se deu certo ou nao

  • matheus

    I’m having the same problem, I’m trying to download again now, after deleting the app

  • Mambo

    I got a PS4 cos over 6 years owning an Xbox 360 I had a few problems with it… 6 months of a PS4 and it’s already surpassed that number of flaws… Microsoft, baby, will you have me back?!?

  • Amin

    fifa 14 ps4 :
    I downloaded this update (about 450 mg) 2 times

    every time when it is complete it says cannot install !
    => and ps store is under maintences … !! maybe connected to that update error

  • jog420

    is not working at all

  • Ben

    I had the error the latest in a long line of issues with my PS4 sick of it now may switch consoles to Xbox One

    • yomamawithme

      eat your xbone dog