Positive 2015 Ford F-150 reviews from public tests

Whenever a new car or truck is due to come to market, the only way in which these manufacturers can tell if the public is happy with the changes is if they actually drive the vehicle. This is an issue because they can only do so after they have had their public release, and by that time it is too late if the changes do not met public expectations.

Ford has been very clever with how they went about things, and we have to admire them for it. The 2015 Ford F-150 is a huge departure from the current model because the truck has a greater emphasis on aluminum in order to help reduce weight, and by doing so improving fuel-economy.

In order to gauge public opinion on the changes made to one of the best selling trucks in the world, Ford devised a plan, and that was to disguise a development vehicle. They did this by adding sheet metal from various cars to the all-new F-150 in order to make them think they were driving something more traditional.

Positive 2015 Ford F-150 reviews

A total of three outfits tested these vehicles, but little did they know they were testing something completely different and made from aluminum. It was very risky for Ford to do such a thing considering the amount of aluminum used and not knowing if it would stand up to the job.

Things could have gone either way, but thankfully it worked out because of positive 2015 Ford F-150 reviews, and so we have to admire them for it because it shows they think very differently to the likes of General Motors, hence why they are moving in different directions.

More details on the 2015 Ford F-150 blind testing can be found here and in the video below.



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