Minecraft PS3 1.07 update necessity after 1.06

By Alan Ng - May 30, 2014

A new Minecraft PS3 update has gone live, finally bringing some welcome changes to the game and giving a good reason for PS3 owners to head back into their game. Minecraft PS3 1.06 update is available now, but we want to know what you would now like to see in the next update for the game.

The next time you boot up the game, you will be prompted to update Minecraft, bringing the 1.06 update to the game and with it, plenty of changes too.

4J Studios, the developers for the game have introduced some nice new features to Minecraft, specifically the arrival of several new texture packs. These include the Candy Texture Pack, Natural Texture Pack, Skin Pack 2 and the Battle & Beasts Skin Pack 2.

There’s also a vast array of Minecraft PS3 bug fixes to read through as well, such as voice chat fixes, noteblock pitch, mobs dying in walls, streaming music not playing and much more.

You can check out the whole thing here. Looking ahead to Minecraft PS3 1.07 though, what would you like 4J Studios to focus on for the next update?

We’ve seen that the game is very much community driven, so make your voices heard below on what you want to see.

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  • thomas

    For ps3

  • thomas

    lucky blocks, a wife, dragon Block C mod

  • snakes

    ps3 servers

  • Sam Hung

    Make it more like the PC, Xbox and pocket edition

  • cafollette

    Beacons… Horses… More tree species… More food options… And ill think of more probably.

  • Ty Manning

    Name tags
    Uncrafring table
    Granite and other stones
    Stone cutter crafting table
    More flowers
    More biomes!!

  • LLo

    Wither boss and wither Skeltons

  • LLo

    Emerald stuff

  • LLo


  • anonamous

    Slender mob.
    A setting for random chests falling from the sky to give help.
    DOCTOR Who skins/mods.
    Different kinds of villagers e.g. grocer, architects(sell building materials) etc…
    Stain glass.

  • CASH

    No more crapy trades from villagers

  • CASH

    Emerald amor

  • devin

    i would like to see the wither wither skeletons HORSES with haynbails nether star coal and redstone block witch stained clay packed ice buildable beacons rats and mod support please.

  • bill

    Twilight forest, more bosses( hot pants boss)

  • bill

    Withers, wither star beacon, horses with hay bails, maybe witches, unlimited land, maybe more
    flowers, drinks as well as food and please NO HEROBRINE

  • Footballer

    Wither, horses (most important is horse with hay bale , redstone and coal block, little bigger terrain, (maybe new flowers), packed ice, stained clay,new trees

  • Jonathan N. Gómez

    Horses, Nether star, buildable beacons, Mod support (Without jailbreaking you’re PS3), Book and Quil, hideable redstone dust (Hide redstone dust under carpets and other blocks), infanite terrain, manual crafting option on crafting tables (same interface option on PC activating it with the L3+R3 buttons), rats, werewolves, wither skeleton, i can find out what other things 4J should add.

  • augustinas

    horses wither wither star beacon wich wither skeleton /help like on pc

  • augustinas

    mods for free

  • Alan Collura

    Hopper comma e block horse and world infinity or insteand of the double infinityof the world now

  • Alan Collura

    Hopper mods and command e block

  • Alex Buchanan

    Book and guil

  • Maurice

    I think Wither,Wither skelton, Textures, horses,Lightfire,a chat in Minecraft (for gamemode 1 etc.) and command blocks 😉

  • Ali-A

    Horses,wither skeleton,wither boss,beacon,witches,skins,and texture packs.It would also be wonderful if they added public online games.But I don’t think that’s happening.

  • king

    I want horses, hoppers, create the skin and mods

  • Patrick Kopcho

    I know a lot of people are hoping for mods but I can’t really see that happening mostly because of every console game that I have ever seen that had a moddable PC version the mods were never released for the consoles

  • ruben

    Horses, wither, funnel, block command, more potions, coal block

  • Arcadri

    Mods, hirses, wither, wither skeleton, witches, create my skins, water breathing resdtone comparateur, infinit world

    • Patrick Kopcho

      I really hate to be the bearer of bad news but infinite world are not possible on console versions of the game because of save data size the larger your world got the bigger the save would be until it was so large that you couldn’t save the file to your system

      • Christopher Wallace

        True, although it would be nice for a larger world, perhaps 5,000 x 5,000, rather than 800 x 800 (or whatever it is currently). There is limited exploration space and many biomes are packed too closely together.

        • Christopher Wallace

          Maybe save data could be stored online, therefore not using up console space. However this would be problematic for those with connection issues.

  • Mjolnir

    Horses, Aether, potions like water breathing, red stone and coal blocks, and more mobs

  • Peter

    I want horses and mods!!!

  • freedy

    all for ps3

  • freedy

    and car mod ect. try and make them free

  • freedy

    i want mods like dinosors,pocimon,hirobrine,plaese make these free to download in mincraft 1.07

  • Ryan Heatherly

    When is 1.07 comeing out for ps3

    • Patrick Kopcho

      Not until after the next gen release

      • Rockcroc2000

        WHAT!? god darn.

      • Christopher Wallace

        When is the next gen release?

  • Gee

    Add Ruby and Sapphire tools and Armor , Horses, Witches, PC version crafting, Aether, Wither, Wither Skelton, More Mobs (Bunny, Bat, etc), More Minerals!!

    • Christopher Wallace

      I must say, ps3 version crafting has been useful for noobs like me, however there could be a setting that allows players to choose between PC and console type crafting.

  • jacob

    I would have to say horses and name tags and better potions like water breathing that would be cool make it to make your own skins and different types of dogs would be cool

  • Steve Esparza

    For the next update i want you guys to put the wither, wither skeleton, witches, Bats, new background music if there is, and horses also why don’t you put servers in minecraft PS3 Edition and make your own skins.

  • minecraft

    Mods please I really want mods and book and quill but mods!!!!!!!

  • Nikki

    Obviously what every true Minecraft fan wants is for console updates to stop crawling along like a turtle and just give us the current PC version. Consoles are more than capable of running it, and we can then all update together, PC and console simultaneously.

    • Brandon


    • minecraft


  • dannyp

    rename the chicken a duck because it looks like one

  • boss gamer987

    Guns horses wither boss wither skeliton and crafting like computer crafting

  • Alex Buchanan

    horses witchs and mods

  • mike

    Add money mod in mind craft ps3

  • mike

    Add car mod in ps3

  • mike

    Add free skin packs

  • mike

    Add mods in the mine craft ps3

  • Ryan

    Hoppers would be my biggest wish.

    • Ryan

      Forgot, sponges too.

      • Nolan Batts

        They have sponges in creative, but i don’t know how to make them in survival

        • marc

          you cant

  • dylan

    More creatures like horses and animals & mods

    • dylan

      Beacons as well !!!!!!#

  • bloodlust

    fix the getting booted to offline mode or tell me how to fix it

  • crazy wither

    Horses and wither plzzzzzzzzzzzz red stone and coal blocks plzzzzzzz



  • Iago Melo


  • sndjcj

    Redstone armor.would be too easy to acquire unless you can make.redstone.dust into ingots

  • kezthebez

    I say add some of the famous mods from the pc like lucky blocks or pixalmon

  • NICK

    Make emerald tolls

  • greg

    Horses and dragon eggs!

  • Tony

    Add horses and make redstone armor and weapons 😀

    • Patrick Kopcho

      Out of curiosity what would be the purpose of Redstone armor and weapons personally I think that obsidian would be a more likely candidate for such a thing

  • Katoteshikumeii

    Beacons and mob spawners for creative or let us be able to pick them up or craft them and more redstone stuff

  • Josiah

    put more redstone items into the game, like Hoppers, beacons, comparators etc.

  • RJRM

    -new biomes like Mesa, ice spike, tundra, etc.
    -New blocks associated with those biomes of course like hardened and stained clay, packed ice, and then of course beacons, hoppers, comparators, etc.
    -continue on with the wither skeleton and the wither

  • dannyp

    make it like the comes alive mod

  • ShotGunSweetness

    and customizable skins!!!!

  • ShotGunSweetness

    horses and the legend of Zelda texture pack!!!

  • Kaemon2013

    Definitely need to add hoppers!

  • aaron

    I think they need to add the wither and name tags

  • Firewindisis

    Colored glass colored glowstone more flowers/ plants swamp witches aether portal space items

  • Travis

    I agree with Patrick. The consoles need to have hoppers and other logic controls. Redstone contraptions are a huge part of the game, and without hoppers and other logic blocks, it takes the fun out of it.

  • Patrick Kopcho

    I would personally think that hoppers and Redstone blocks would be the next logical addition, the consoles have been cut out of the loop so to speak, as far as what can be built and I think a lot of players came and went because of it