Mario Gomez in FIFA 14 overpowered team

We have something funny for our FIFA 14 readers to check out now, especially those that live their life around their FIFA 14 Ultimate Team squad. While most of you will be dying to get hold of team of the year cards, we have a FIFA 14 ‘overpowered’ team selection that won’t break the bank.

The FIFA 14 community is one of the very best and you can always count on some users to provide the humor for those that are feeling frustrated on gold pack odds.

We have a video for you check out below, from YouTuber ‘Finch’ who offers his FIFA 14 overpowered team which costs just 30,000 to set up. It includes the likes of Fiorentina’s Mario Gomez who despite only having an 86 rating in the game is actually one of the best buys in the whole game for value.

It’s the best FIFA 14 squad builder video that we have seen in a while and almost 100,000 hits on YouTube tells us that most of you are loving this suggestion as well.

Watch the video and you’ll even see one online opponent rage quit out of frustration on losing to this weak-looking, but powerful team. We challenge you to list your own overpowered lineup below which cost you the least amount of money to buy.

Is this the best low cost team that you have seen in a while on FIFA 14 Ultimate Team?



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