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iOS 8 AirDrop to Mac OS X 10.10, WWDC optimism

Seeing as though iOS 7 and Mavericks does not play nice together when it comes to easily sharing files, one would presume that Apple will fulfill users needs and share details of iOS 8 Airdrop to Mac OS X 10.10, but is this based more on optimism than belief?

iOS 7 and Mac OS X 10.9 users have found an AirDrop alternative to get around the issue, but this is not ideal, and not the way in which things should be done. This is yet another example of Apple being a bit late to the party.

It was a few weeks back when we looked at desired Mac OS X 10.10 features that we would like to see make an appearance during WWDC 2014 on June, 2nd.

iOS 8 Airdrop to Mac OS X 10.10, WWDC optimism

The thing is, Apple really needs to sort this issue out now because users need to be able to AirDrop from their Mac devices to iOS and vice versa. The ability to select a file in Finder and then select Share then AirDrop to iOS is something that would force more people to update their versions of iOS and OS X, something that we are sure Apple would want.

Personally, I’ve never tried any AirDrop alternatives, so when it comes to sharing files between my iMac and iPhone or iPad I have to do it long-winded way, and let me tell you, it does take some time and wears very thin after doing it several times a week.



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