COD: Ghosts Extinction DLC video for Episode 3 Awakening

If you have been enjoying the Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction mode then you will certainly have DLC on your mind along with Episode 3 Awakening. The next COD Ghosts Extinction DLC has a release date of June 3, 2014, although only on Xbox Live, so Xbox One and 360 first with PS4/PS3 around one month later.

Today, we wanted to feature a video looking at some COD Ghosts Extinction gameplay along with details for the upcoming Invasion DLC. You can see the video embedded below and get further insight into new achievements, species, and more coming with COD: Ghosts Extinction Episode 3.

During the new Extinction Episode 3: Awakening DLC you’ll head to the alien underworld and attack those behind the Cryptid invasion. The video below touches on the three new Cryptid species, although we are still yet to get the finer details about all these species and familiar enemies. We do know that one of the new species will be a Gargoyle after an achievement stating, “Kill a Gargoyle with the Vanguard in Awakening”, as seen below.


Are you looking forward to Extinction Episode 3, and how do you feel about the lack of a new weapon in the COD: Ghosts Invasion DLC? Have a watch of the video and also Invasion preview video, then share a comment letting us know if you’re happy with what you’ve seen about the upcoming content so far.



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